23 Jun

Unique Gifts for Brides and Bridesmaids This Wedding Season

Weddings are a pompous affair in the UK. As a symbol of joining of two people, it calls for being celebrated with style and grandeur. Some couples take over a year to plan their wedding right from the venue to caterers to dresses, travel, entertainment and honeymoon, every detail is planned well. An average couple in the UK tends to spend a whopping £36,000 on the wedding, half of which is spent on the ceremony itself. It is also an occasion for sharing gifts, of bonding with each other, enjoining in the happiness and blessing the couple. A lot of people find it hard to decide on a gift and what should be its value. One must at least try and cover the plate’s cost at the wedding through their gifts as couples sometimes tend to borrow huge loans for just one ceremony. If you are someone close to the couple and you know them well, then you must gift them something unique such that they may cherish it all their lives. While gifting the couple and especially the bride is a common practice, let’s not forget our beautiful bridesmaids. While it is not a necessity for a bride to gift her bridesmaids, however, sharing of gifts only increases mutual love and affection, so why not? Additionally, a gift bought with a lot of thought will signify to them that they are important and matter to you. Nowadays, personalized gifts are in trend and here we will present to you, a few generic and personalized gift items for brides and bridesmaids’ both. And don’t you worry, we are well aware of the costs you incur, these gifts won’t be too heavy on your pocket.

  1. POP Glamour Studio

Women love make-up and no matter how much ever they own, it is never enough. This POP Glamour Studio from Argos is a perfect gift for your bridesmaids. It is a mini fashion kit with a range of items in multiple shades that you can’t just not love. The kit consists of a bag, over 55 pieces of eye-shadows, lip stick, lip gloss, nail polish, eye pencil and what not. The bag is big enough for you to keep your own accessories and could be easily carried on trips. The sheer collection of make-up will make your bridesmaids go crazy and the cherry on the cake is that it is pretty cheap.

  1. Personalized Wooden Jewellery Box

This is a gifting idea for the bride. This personalized wooden jewellery box comes with drawers and is a perfect place to store all those little accessories that you keep on forgetting everywhere. The design is minimalistic with rustic white coloured finish giving it a vintage look. If one of your girl friends is getting married, you may consider gifting this to them. You can personalize it through either engraving or adding a vinyl film on the lid with words of your choice.

  1. Cutlery set
    Homeware is a common gifting item as the couple starts their new journey and hence, it is a necessity for them. Gifting homeware saves them the cost to buy things for their new house. Cutipol’s 24 piece cutlery set comes in two colours, ebony and gold. It is sleek, stylish and made with the best quality steel. The cutlery sett is at the higher end of the price range but could be a great wedding gift if you are willing to shell as much amount.
  2. Kubu leather photo album

Wedding is a time for creating memories and storing them. And what better way to store these memories more elegantly than a photo album? A photo album allows you to select only the most memorable photos to be stored in print. This is an eco-friendly gift as the paper is made from recycled cotton and the leather is a by-product. In the times of digital, a photo album also acts as a vintage gift.

  1. Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates? The happiness is priceless when someone is gifted a box of chocolates. Lindt has a range of gifting chocolate boxes which are extremely affordable and every bit delicious. Gift all your bridesmaids a box of chocolates, and cherish the glowing happiness on their faces.

  1. Personalized disc bracelet

Bloom boutique offers personalized disc bracelets in silver and rose gold. An initial of your choice can be engraved on the disc. You can get all your bridesmaids’ initials engraved on the bracelet giving it a personal touch. The bracelets are delicate consisting of a single chain with a disc shaped small pendant in between. Exquisite and non-expensive, if you know they love jewellery, then this is the gift you must opt for.

  1. Metallic Leather Travel Wallet

This is a clutch style leather travel wallet from Be Golden. It is ideal for gifting a bride as she can use it on her honeymoon trip. The wallet is made for travelling scenarios, and it allows you to keep your boarding pass, your pass port, all other travel documents and credit cards to in one place. It also has a slot for a pen and can be folded and kept neatly.

  1. Personalized cushion

The Drifting Bear Co offers various personalized cushions. ‘I love you to the moon and back’ is the one that you can gift your bride as your wedding gift to make her feel loved and as the most important part of your life.

  1. Personalised scarf

Personalised scarf by Hurley Burley is an amazing gift idea for your bridesmaids. It comes in 3 different colours, is long enough to be worn in any style and can be personalised by either writing their names or a special message for them. A unique way of saying thank you, don’t you think?

  1. Personalized coasters

Coasters have been a gifting item since long ago but a new set of personalized coasters is what is making the news. Oakdene Designs have a set of four coasters which you can personalize using your Instagram snaps with beautiful messages. You can gift one each to your bridesmaid with your snap with them along with a beautiful message.

These gifts are all unique in their own way. You can further select from these depending on your brides and bridesmaids’ choices to make it an effective gift.

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