02 Jan

3 Tips For Having A Wedding At A Family Home

For those planning a wedding in the near future, you’re likely trying to find the perfect place for your nuptials that will also fall within your particular budget. If you’re looking to save money or at least find a wedding venue that won’t charge you an arm and a leg and force you to use their services, you may want to consider hosting your wedding at a family home. And while this can be tricky, if you’re able to do this successfully, your wedding can be absolutely beautiful. To help make this happen, here are three tips for having a wedding at a family home.

Hire A Cleaning Service For Before and After

One of the most important things about having your wedding or reception at a family home is that everything is clean. If you neglect this part of the planning and execution of your event, you may find that you’re not satisfied with how well everything comes together. But as the bride, you have a million other things on your mind for your wedding. So to save yourself from having to do the cleaning on your own, APracticalWedding.com recommends that you hire a cleaning service to do the cleaning both before and after your event. The last thing you’re going to want to do after you get married in clean an entire house that’s been used for a party, so take some of the money you saved on the venue and hire a cleaning service.

Don’t Let Anyone Stay At The Home

Especially if the home you’re wanting to use belongs to someone in your family, it can be hard to navigate around the residence’s life and what you need for your event. So to give yourself the space and freedom that you need, TheKnot.com suggests asking that no one stay at the house while you’re preparing for the wedding. While this may mean that you have to help make other arrangements for those who planned to stay at that family home, you’ll have a lot more control of the property if you just make a clear rule that no one will be staying there for the wedding until the events are over and done with.

Create Both Indoor and Outdoor Space

Depending on the size of the home you’re choosing to use and the number of people you plan to have at your big day, you may need to somehow take advantage of both indoor and outdoor space at the home. To best do this, Better Homes and Gardens suggests that you rearrange or completely move out some of the furniture that can’t be used as seating. Additionally, if weather permits, you should also arrange some kind of outdoor seating space so your guest don’t all feel cramped and trapped in the house.

If you want to have your wedding at a family home, consider using the tips mentioned above to make this a successful event for you and your future spouse.

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