02 May

13 Unique & Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Someone close to you recently got engaged but your budget this month feels a bit tight. Well, don’t feel too bad. It’s a common problem many of us face due to budget constraints. While giving any gift, we definitely want to give the best for our loved ones and sometimes the only problem is the budget.

We have identified some unique and budget friendly gift ideas for engagements. You can easily get them online from websites such as wholeblossoms.com.

  1. A monogrammed mug sethickory-farms-gift-baskets-for-corporate-gifting

A mug set for the couple shouldn’t cost more than 25 dollars. You would get monogrammed quotes or funny remarks for the engaged couple on mugs on many gift websites. If you want a quote which is personal, you can easily get them monogrammed within 10-15 dollars.

  1. A customized T-shirt

Two free-sized t-shirt for the engaged couple is a cost friendly and cute gift to give to someone. Although if you are close enough to them, get to know the sizes first. When someone gets clothes as gift that fits them well, they are extremely impressed. You can also add or draw on the T-shirt with cloth colors.

  1. Love quotes on travel tags3

A recently engaged couple would probably go on holidays a lot. And travel or luggage tags are an essential item for holidays. Add a love quote to simple travel tags and you got yourself a fine present for the couple. It is cheap and has a personal feel to it.

  1. Personalized Champaign glasses

Who doesn’t love some fancy Champaign glasses as presents? What they would love more is their initials engraved on it. Yes, you can get them a pair of Champaign glasses with their initials engraved on them at a reasonable cost.

  1. An engraved ice-bucket2 (1)

Ice bucket is actually an uncommon gift to give the couple. It is useful but not widely seen as a gift item. However, if you engrave the ice-bucket with the couple’s initials or monogram it with a romantic quote that would turn into a lovely and unique present for engagement parties.

  1. An oil painting

If you know someone who is good at oil painting, an oil painting of the couple is a unique piece to use as a present. There’s no need to worry if you can’t manage that, you can do glass paintings on your own by simply keeping a picture under glass and drawing over it with a glass paint marker.

  1. A candy box1 (2)

Sometimes all you need is a small box of candies and some good memories to make someone happy. Just a small box wrapped with ribbons and flowers and with bunch of candies inside can be unique present. With that add a note of the best memory you had of the couple together.

  1. Flowers with chocolates

Get some flowers from whole blossoms and few chocolate bars at the engagement party. Choose the couple’s favorite flowers or something elegant and trust us your gift would be the center of attraction for the party.

  1. Some balloons with write-up

Decorate the couple’s room with balloons for them to play with. To add a personalized touch to it, use permanent market to write funny remarks on the balloons. You can even paint the balloons to surprise the couple.

  1. A DIY flower vase

A DIY flower vase says a lot about you and your relationship with the couple. If you give a DIY flower base with some wonderful flowers that has a more personalized touch than many other expensive presents.

  1. An engagement basket

A basket well decorated with flowers and snacks and beauty products is an ideal gift for engagement.

  1. A wedding planning book

A wedding planning book or journal can be an interesting gift to give to the couple.

  1. A collection of honeymoon destinations

Collect the pictures of the best honeymoon destinations of the world with an estimated budget for each honeymoon. This would be a very thoughtful gift for the couple and they would absolutely adore you for that.

Choosing a gift is hard but the good part is due to websites such as whole blossoms and many more, the gift options have increased widely even with a limited budget!

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