08 Feb

“Expensive” Wedding Favours That Won’t Break the Bank

Wedding favours don’t exactly have to be very expensive, just expensive looking.

Did you know that engaged couples are often in the dilemma to pick out the perfect gifts for their wedding guests, and end up spending £500, on average, on the entire list according to a study by Personalised Gifts Shop.

What the soon-to-be-wed couple needs to do is, invest in practical wedding favours.

Gifting their maids of honour and best men is one of the most difficult decisions faced by the to-be bride and groom.

The bride’s maids and groomsmen are some of the couples’ best friends who have been with them for over a decade, possibly. They have been through thick and thin with them and mean much more to them than anyone else. The arriving wedding day would only come once in the lives of the couple which they wish to celebrate with the people they love. Other than that, the maid of honour and best man also have a lot of pressure upon themselves with all the wedding planning, so it is vital to give them the best of the best, for all their efforts.

The couples with a higher-budget can afford to spend on wedding gifts from big brands like Tiffany’s and Swarovski or Armani or Gucci. But there is a large chunk of couples who cannot afford to spend profusely over wedding favours. There are still several gifts that one can give their bridesmaids and groomsmen which would be meaningful and easily used.

You can give them small chocolate treats such as a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball. Take a cocktail stick, with your names and date of your wedding, and stick it on top of the golden wrapper. You can also make a small box of mixed chocolates!

For your bride’s maids and groomsmen, you can mix the chocolates which they love the most for a personal touch. You can also give small boxes of cubes of chocolates to other wedding guests too! Other than that you can have Kinder surprise-like eggs, with the shell made of chocolate and a small personalized gift for the guest.

For bridesmaids, you can get a personalised clutch made with a monogram relating to your wedding made on it, or even put their names on it. They can carry the clutch with them on the wedding day and later it would be of practical use to them as well.

Groomsmen can be given a do-everything knife box encased in a silver or black elegant box with their name engraved on it. They can also be given ties with their names on it and be asked to wear them on the wedding day.

Following these helpful wedding favour suggestions you will be able to give the people that matter the most to you, gifts which they would treasure forever.

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