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22 May

Men’s socks manufacture

These days, we take it for granted that we wear socks on our feet next to the skin. It makes wearing shoes a lot more comfortable, absorbs and removes perspiration and can create quite an individualistic fashion statement. But the traditional wool, synthetic or cotton socks in the form of an enclosed tubular design with which we’re most familiar wasn’t always the universal paradigm. In earlier times, socks made of leather or matted animal hair were not unusual. Foot coverings in the form of Read more [...]
29 May

Suit Up: Choosing the Right Formal Attire for Wedding Season

You might know how to pick a suit for a given occasion, but do you know how to pair the appropriate accessories and other wardrobe items with the suits you choose? Most guys have a particular taste, which is great — everything you “bring to the party” should be uniquely you and speak to your personal style. But there is definitely a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to which suit you pick.   Learning what to wear with each style suit style you have in your armoire will help Read more [...]
08 Aug

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes

On the eve of your wedding event you all would surely like to throw the most perfect and extraordinary retro wedding look. It is quite normal to be ecstatic about the garments as well as the accessories before the event. Since it is your true moment and you are almost on the verge of stepping into a new life you need to make room for significant amount of peep show by clothing yourself in designer wedding attires as well as accessories. When you try to exert significant effort and strain in finding Read more [...]
17 Jul

Ideas to Look Unique on the Wedding Day

The wedding is that important day for any girl, which she would love to cherish all life and about which she dreams to have everything so perfect and unique. When every girl wishes to look stylish and different from all other brides, then why always to go for a white wedding gown? Instead, wearing other colors can leave you looking stunning and gorgeous. For the summer wedding, the soothing and refreshing light green color will do the trick. Let us see how you can add this amazingly charming and Read more [...]
05 May

Bridal lingerie for honeymoon- an essential component of bridal trousseau

Bridal lingerie is indeed special and thus is different from other lingerie. It is every woman’s dream to appear her best on her wedding day as a princess. After the wedding dress it is the bridal lingerie that plays a crucial role as later that evening the bride’s inner wear shall be on display. No wonder it forms an essential component of the bridal trousseau and thus should be handpicked with extra care. A glance into bridal undergarments It is a misconception that functionality and Read more [...]
31 Mar

Dress Shopping Tips for Full-Figured Women

For many women, finding clothes that fit well and flatter their body shape can be difficult. It can sometimes feel that fashion is the domain of the young and skinny, while those with fuller figures are neglected. One item that larger women often dislike shopping for is dresses. If you're generally not very confident in your body, then the thought of wearing something so feminine can fill you with dread. However, there's no need to resort to trousers for your next special occasion. Just use these Read more [...]
31 Mar

My Top Party Dress Picks For Spring and Summer

The season of socialising in the beer garden, or your own garden for a barbecue, is fast approaching. And if you’re anything like me, this is the perfect excuse to hit the shops and find a few new outfits for the months ahead - specifically party dresses! It’s a simple pleasure finding a dress that looks good and feels good, and it’s fun finding accessories to pair with it that allow you to wear it in a number of ways. If you agree with me and are planning on going shopping for a new dress Read more [...]
31 Mar

Essential Clothing Every Gamekeeper Should Have

Image Gamekeepers need a range of clothing; firstly because gamekeeping is a career often associated with UK heritage many choose to adopt traditional country wear, but it’s also important to keep in mind that gamekeeping is an outdoor and sometimes dangerous job, so if you’re thinking of becoming one you will need to build a wardrobe of clothing that is both practical and traditional. Consider all the different jobs you will be responsible for as a gamekeeper; each will come with environmental Read more [...]
31 Mar

Few Reasons Why a Black Evening Dress Can Never Go Wrong

An evening dress is a matter of discernment for many especially women in particular. There are many aspects of dressing for women need attention and these make women particularly elegant. Foremost in this is the selection of the attire, suiting the personality, complexion, and event and self-taste. Black is a colour that has been always associated with eveningwear – it has rarely been out of fashion through the years. Be it an official event, promotional event or a party for any occasion – black Read more [...]