27 Apr

Top 5 Honeymoon Ideas in the US

Where to go on a honeymoon can be an easy choice for couples who only have a succinct list of destinations that they’d like to see. But for many, it’s an overwhelming choice that can inspire fights and existential crises of epic proportions. Everywhere looks amazing, and if you choose one, you miss out on the rest! Theoretically you know that you’ll have other trips ahead of you, but that may only go so far in making you feel better. Before your head explodes, look to these 5 destinations to go on your honeymoon.

Big Sur

This spot in California is so beautiful that it’s hard to believe you’re in the same state as the smog-filled LA and traffic-heavy San Francisco. Quiet and gorgeous, there are plenty of places for a couple to really spend quality time together. You won’t have to contend with a lot of crowds, so you can just chat, hike and eat together. Unless you go on a three-day weekend of course when practically everyone is trying to migrate out of the cities.


While Utah’s capital may not be known for its heavy alcohol content, Salt Lake City is a clever way to get a mix of city life and natural beauty in the same spot. With lots of wonderful places to eat and lots of history to explore, you can add this to your curriculum on how to drive in every state. You should spend at least a day or two here. However, there are also places like Park City (former Olympics location) and Zion where you can get a better sense of how Utah uses its natural landscape for some pretty extreme sports.


Located in Colorado, this place was affectionately dubbed Little Switzerland due to its scenic beauty. The incredible views make renting a Jeep and driving around an extremely popular activity. While it has a lot to offer in the way of scenery, there’s also a small town to be seen when you’re here. While it may seem a touch tourist-y, you likely won’t feel as though you’ve entered a trap. See the local guitarists at a pub after a long hike, and give each other a kiss when you think no one’s looking.

New Orleans

You may have heard that Paris is the city of love in France, but did you know that New Orleans is considered one of America’s most romantic cities? can’t make it over the big blue ocean. Come here for romantic touches everywhere you turn. The city’s very architecture seems designed to inspire a few more good feelings towards the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with. The city life here is no joke though, so don’t expect everyone to feel quite as romantic as you do all the time. The fun of this spot though is being open to what’s going on around you, and learning from the city’s past.


Ok, so this may seem like an odd one, but here us out. Nebraska may not be the most exciting place in the world, but for budget-conscious people, this is a great city to tour. Omaha is garnished with many unique shopping plazas and lots of parks, perfect for minimal maintenance newlyweds. Those shopping plazas will certainly look extra appealing when you think of how much you’re saving too.

Getting around the US in a car lets you see more than just flying over certain places. If you’re going on a honeymoon road trip, consider taking a defensive driving course before you load up the car. These courses not only can keep you safe by teaching you better techniques, but they may also lower your insurance rates too.

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