28 Feb

Tips To Save So You Can Pay For Your Wedding

You said “yes” when your fiancee proposed, now it is time to get geared up to say “I do”.  Wedding planning can be exciting but it can also be stressful the moment you start preparing for your big day.  The biggest source of stress if you ask most brides is money.  You have been waiting for your wedding for what seems like a lifetime and you want everything to be perfect but start to realize quickly that paying for the perfect wedding is no easy task.  Here are a few tips to save for your big day.


Budget Out How Much You Can Pay

Sit down with you and your fiancee and start to create a wedding budget.  If parents are going to help pay for some of the finances determine how much they are going to pay so you can factor in exactly how much you need to come up with in order to cover the wedding costs.  For those brides and grooms who are unsure how to start a wedding budget, there are some great apps and websites that can get you started.  The website Brides.com created a list of the 19 best wedding planning websites and apps, which is a good spot to get you started.


Set The Date During Fall Or Winter

If you are not set on a specific wedding date, opt for a fall or winter wedding.  You would be shocked at the discounts you can get on flowers, photography, invitations and even your honeymoon by not getting married during the height of wedding season in the spring or summer.  Also getting married in the middle of the week may be a little inconvenient for out of town wedding guests, but you can save a lot on your venue by choosing to get married on a Wednesday versus a Friday orSaturday.  Timing is everything when it comes to saving money for your big day.


Consider Making Your Wedding Small

One of the biggest ways brides and grooms can cut wedding costs is by cutting the guest list.

If you are finding it difficult to finance a large wedding consider making it smaller then having a reception for other family, friends, and co-workers a few months down the road when you have more money to spend.  A smaller wedding will save you money and make for a more intimate affair.


Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, but it is only one day. Whether you take out a loan to pay for the big day or save money yourself, you don’t want to stress about how to pay for everything. Create a wedding budget, set a date during offseason, and choose a small wedding to help save you money so you can still have the wedding of your dreams.

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