18 Aug

The Most Amazing National Parks to Explore in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is filled with a whole range of spectacular national parks that give visitors wonderful opportunities to explore the natural beauty of this place.

Among the best parks here you will find a huge variety of landscapes and activities to carry out that will keep you entertained and occupied in some incredible ways.


Tongariro National Park

This is New Zealand’s oldest national park and a great place to explore nature in a convenient North Island location. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the oldest national parks on the planet.

The park is dominated by volcanic mountains, giving it a dramatic look that really captures the imagination at first sight. Interestingly, there are also several important Maori religious sites scattered around the area, giving it a sacred and magical feel.

Perhaps the highlight of this very special place is the famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This is one of the world’s very best one-day hikes, with other possibilities such as climbing in the summer months and skiing during the winter.

Film fans may recognise this area as the backdrop to the Lord of the Ring trilogy, while the surrounding towns are also great places to visit.

Kahurangi National Park

Another terrific place to get out in the open in New Zealand is at Kahurangi National Park in the north west of the South Island. This is the second biggest of the country’s parks and it contains features such as the fabulous Heaphy Track hiking trail.

Mount Tasman is another place worth visiting. There are fine hiking possibilities here and New Zealand’s most extensive cave system is to be found here as well.

This park offers visitors an easy way to get out to explore some incredibly remote and pretty parts of the country in style.

Abel Tasman National Park

This exotic looking park in the South Island combines jungles, warm weather and inviting blue seas. It is extremely popular with tourists looking to either go hiking or else take a kayaking trip.

Kayaking is an especially good way of getting around here, as this allows the visitor to discover many wonderful sandy beaches. It offers a nice contrast to some of the other types of scenery to be found in New Zealand and may surprise you if you were expecting snowy mountains everywhere in the South Island.

Anyone emigrating to New Zealand from the UK will want to take the time to explore parts of the country like this and really get to know New Zealand.

Nelson Lakes National Park

This big park has a couple of excellent lakes in its centre and includes a range of other type of diverse geography, such as mountains and valley. This makes it a brilliant spot for hiking, for camping and for fishing.

The easiest way to enjoy a spell here is to arrive to the pretty town of St Arnaud and then just start exploring on your own terms. If you have started a new life by looking for a visa and jobs in New Zealand then a trip to this stunning park will get you off to a great, relaxed start in this country.

The Lake Rotoiti Circuit hike is one of the highlights of any time spent here, although the Lewis Pass offers a tougher and more thrilling Alpine walk for experienced hikers to enjoy.

Fiordland National Park

Down in the southwest part New Zealand’s South Island lies the dramatic Fiordland National Park. It is the biggest of the country’s national parks and makes up part of the massive Te Wahiponunamu World Heritage site.

As the name suggests, much of the appeal of this park is down to the incredible fiords that dominate the area. These include the legendary Milford Sound, which is one of the New Zealand attractions that you simply can’t afford to miss.

The area is also packed with wildlife, such as birds, seals and dolphins. It is a great spot for carrying out some adventure sports or for just enjoying some unique scenery.

Getting to Fiordland is easiest over the Milford Road, although it is still a long trip here from the main population centres in the country. This gives it a deliciously remote feel that adds a great deal to its overall appeal.

There is no doubt that the natural beauty of New Zealand is one of its greatest treasures. If you are lucky enough to spend some time here then you don’t want to miss the chance to visit some or all of these terrific parks.

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