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Proposing On Holiday

When you propose to the one that you love it should be a truly memorable and special occasion which will last in your memories for a lifetime. One way to make this occasion really stand out is to do it in the picturesque setting of foreign shores, be it in the mountains, on a boat or even on a beach with the sun setting. With a bit of forward planning and good timing, you can make sure they say yes as they are overtaken with the emotion of the moment.

The Location

We all love to go away on holiday and this is the perfect time when you can propose to the one that you love and take them by surprise. You may want to bear this in mind when you are booking your holiday to make sure that you are in a climate which you both enjoy and potentially have a picturesque setting.

  • Overlooking the Sea or Beach
  • At a restaurant on top of a large building
  • Beneath a Waterfall
  • Trekking through the Jungle

The setting that you will appreciate the most is all going to depend on yours and your partner’s personal choice and tastes. The world really is pretty small now days with travel across the globe easily accessible to most people. This means that you can visit the most exotic of locations which are the settings of most people’s holiday of a lifetime. Try doing some research on the internet before you book, on places to go, things to see and resorts or hotels which may be good to stay at. There are lots of forums out there as well where you can get advice on where you should pop the question. You may even be able to find someone to assist you in making all of the necessary arrangements.

The Ring

You may wish to pop the question before and then both go and choose a ring which you can even do whilst you are on holiday. You may wish to purchase this before proposing, it is much more common for the couple to choose the engagement ring now days so that you can make sure that you get something which is within budget, but you also both like. Remember that your other half is going to have to wear this for life so you want to make sure that it is something that they really like. You can find gold, diamond and platinum engagement rings in most countries that you can visit and purchasing abroad you might be able to save yourself some money on the process. Make sure that you only purchase from a reputable dealer though and make sure that they are actively certified to the industry association relevant, this will help to ensure you are using a company which has specific regulations set out to make sure you get a completely professional service. If at all possible, you will be best to purchase your engagement ring using a Credit Card, as this will give you additional insurance coverage. Buying such a high value item when on holiday will most likely not be covered in your typical holiday insurance, so you may need to take out extra cover. You also need to remember that if you do not declare this when going through customs and get caught, you could face quite a hefty bill. Make sure though that you do not rush into a decision just so that you have a ring while you are on holiday. Sometimes you may be best to get it when you get home, due to exchange rates and what have you.

Have a Backup

Even when we are at home, it is hard to control all possibilities and eventualities, even more so when you are abroad. Because of this you should always make sure that you have a backup plan, in case of weather, timing not right or any other aspect which could affect the moment. This can be a change of location or a temporary postponement till the timing is just right. Being prepared will help to make it that bit more special. You can never plan for all eventualities, but having a couple of backup options will help give you some peace of mind before asking the question. Then just go with the mood of the situation and let it go through at its own pace, do not rush things too much as this can have a negative effect. Then when your partners says yet, sit back and take in the moment, have a drink and then think about the cost of your wedding!

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