21 Feb

Propose With Flair; Inventive Proposal Ideas

If you’re thinking of proposing and looking for an alternative to the age-old down-on-one-knee-with-a-ring proposal, look no further. Make your engagement story one you’ll both want to retell for decades with some of these inventive proposal ideas.

Present the Ring Creatively

Sure, you could just hand it to her or slip it into her champagne, but why not be a little more creative? If you want to propose at a restaurant, hide the ring inside a clam or a fortune cookie. Stash it somewhere unexpected around the house, like inside a sock, magazine or cereal box, or make it the final prize in a scavenger hunt. Just be sure you’re around to pop the question when she discovers it.

Choose a Date

Lots of couples get engaged during the winter holidays or on their anniversaries. Pick a date on which your partner would never expect a proposal to make the occasion more special. Halloween is a fun option, as you can propose in costume, and if you’re lucky enough to find the love of your life in a leap year, February 29 is an unforgettable proposal date. For a thoughtful touch, researching the date her mother or grandmother got engaged and making it your own proposal date is another option.

Add Some Adrenaline

Some proposals are memorable because they take place under extreme conditions: while SCUBA diving, hot air ballooning or skydiving. Just be careful not to fumble the ring at 12,000 feet or lose it at sea.

Break All the Rules

There’s no law that says men have to propose. Girls, surprise your men by proposing to them instead. Or, in the case of second marriages, get the whole family involved in the proposal. And who says you need a ring to pop the question? Tattooing, “Will you marry me?” over your heart is an even cooler way to show your commitment to the relationship.

Make a Scene

We’ve all witnessed proposals on the Jumbotron at sporting events or seen a guy on his knees in front of fellow diners at a bustling restaurant, but why not take things to the next level and stage your own flash mob for the occasion? Recruit all your friends to bust some dance moves then fall to their knees and offer up plastic versions of the real engagement ring in the middle of a crowded mall or square.

Spell It Out

Forget the old standbys of skywriting and ads in the paper. Spell out your intentions in more creative ways, using shells on the beach or firewood at a campsite. Rig the copier at her office to spit out 100 “Will you marry me?” pages or hack her favorite video game and leave a hidden message behind.

No matter how creatively you propose, be sure your proposal reflects something special about your partner and your history as a couple to make a memory both of you will cherish as long as you both shall live.

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