20 Feb

A Guide for How to Change Your Skincare Routine in 2015

As compared to yesteryears, every country is producing more number of beauty queens than before! Thanks to the newer concepts that govern beauty regime these days. Gone are the days, when every household had the same cream being used by all family members (especially womenfolk). The concept of skin care and use of beauty products has changed remarkably over the years. Seldom did the common women know in yesteryears that a lady with combination skin had to use a different skin care product and one with dry skin had a different skin requirement. However, with the changing times and changing ideas of skin care, now seldom is there any woman that is not aware of the basics of skin care regime. If you have not yet started a routine beauty skin care regime, then 2015 is the year you should embark upon that journey of being a beautiful you!

Here we will discuss about the essential aspects of rejuvenating your skin. Although, there are several skincare guides available online as well as in print media, the following simple tips can address your skin woes to some extent. So, let us delve deeper into the nuances of getting an amazing well toned and even toned skin.

  1. There is an old saying “Resolutions are made to be broken”. But if you make any resolutions this year, make sure you follow the same and not follow the footsteps of the ones that don’t. Since you are starting afresh, get rid of all the old and expired cosmetics and creams/skin care products you have. Even if it is hair oil, dump it in the bin. Most importantly, if there are products that are past their expiration date, make sure you dump them first. It has been observed that using beauty products that have expired already can cause adverse effects.

  2. Next, make a list of what you use as foundation, day cream, night cream, sunscreen, cream to wipe off make up, and the like.

  3. Analyze your current skincare routine. Generally speaking, a basic skin care routine involves cleaning your face, toning your skin, and then moisturizing. It is best to use a moisturizer and a face wash depending on your skin type. For instance, if you have an oily skin, it is best to use a face wash that will control the oil in your face without dehydrating it fully. Alternatively, if you have a dry skin, the face wash you use should be of cream or thick base so that a little moisture is left behind on your face without making the already dry skin even drier.

  4. If you have sensitive skin, and you have to stay outdoors a lot, try to carry a traveling face wash tube with you. Splash water whenever possible. If you use eye makeup, wear a wash proof one so that when you splash water, it does not wipe off the eye makeup.

  5. Skincare guides will also emphasize on the sunscreen that you use. The ideal sunscreen that you use will essentially depend on the type of skin you have. For instance, if you have dry skin, you will ideally need a sunscreen that is gel based and if you have oily skin, you can opt for a product that has a matte base. When selecting a sunscreen, it is important that you choose the SPF or Sun Protection Factor carefully. A higher SPF means that you will be protected from harmful UV and UA rays. Higher SPF means it covers a broader spectrum. If your job demands you to stay outdoors for a long period of time, opt for a higher SPF sunscreen.

  6. One important aspect that most women tend to forget is treating the area around the eyes. Remember, this is the area that shows the first signs of ageing in form of crow’s feet. Use an under eye cream regularly.

Remember, aside from the beauty products that are available in the market, you can also try out home remedies that will give you a natural glow. There are many skincare guides that focus on home beauty care regime too.

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