12 Jun

Five Mistakes People Make Planning Their Wedding And How To Avoid Them

Congratulations, you’ve booked the big day. You already have a picture in your mind of what it is going to be like. Are you excited? You should be. This is one thing in life you will most likely only do once. You want it to be perfect and dazzle the crowds. But you should know something. A lot can go wrong on your wedding day. However, most of it can easily be avoided. If you know the problems, you can sort them out before they arise. So what are the most likely things that can go wrong on your special day?

Makeup Disasters

You wedding day is the one time you will look like a princess. Just think of that beautiful, flowing dress. Perhaps you are even going to rent a tiara. Everyone will be looking at you. Your eyes will pop. Your lips as red as summer roses. The bridesmaids will…be there. But remember, all this takes time and effort. You will probably hire a hair and makeup stylist who will spend hours on every detail. You do need to know you love the finished product. You also need to know exactly how much time it is going to take because it will be done hours before the wedding. We suggest having one or two complete trial runs. This includes everything. You might even want to check how long it will take you to get to the ceremony.

I’m Sorry I Really Can’t…

You send out your wedding invitations. Weeks pass. The day is almost there, and suddenly they start flooding back. Some are yes, but others say no. That is the last thing you want because you have already booked the caterers. You have a fixed amount of meals, and it cannot be changed. Also, you really do not want any empty seats. How do you fix this one? Well, we sending out the invitations as soon as you book the date. Ask your best man and maid of honour straight after he proposes. Got your invitations yet? Research some traditional wedding invitations online. Some of the choices available are stylish and beautiful.

Double Booked

Ah, a common problem this one. More common than venues would like to admit. They accidentally double book the day. All we can suggest is that again you book far in advance. This is the best way to make sure it is your ceremony that gets the venue even if it is double booked. You may also want to consider having a backup venue ready in case disaster strikes.

Cold Feet

Finally, the classic. One of you decides they are not sure about going through with it. It is rarer than television and movies would lead you to believe but still very possible. We suggest talking about your feelings regularly with your partner. Remember, this can just be stress. Planning a wedding can get very stressful and busy. Remember to take the time to be romantic and go on dates. Do not spend all the days planning, saving and spending.

You know the problems and the solutions. Now there is nothing to stop your wedding being straight from a fairytale.


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