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Express Your Love This Valentine’s Day With A Gift Basket

Streamline your Valentine’s Day gift giving by purchasing gift baskets for your loved ones. They are personal, fun and everyone will love them. To get the right basket, you’ll need to do some planning in advance. Make a list of the people that you have to purchase gifts for and make a few notes of Gift Basket Valentines daythe things each person loves, right alongside their names. Early planning will save you from the last minute rush and ensure that you’re not trying to purchase baskets after they’ve all sold out. Here are a few gift basket suggestions for those very special people in your life.

For Your Partner

A gift basket for your partner could be filled with things that you both can share later in the day. A pamper package, filled with lotions, fragrance, oils and other delights will hint at things to come. Another option is a basket filled with fruits, cheese, crackers, champagne, napkins, and candles that you can enjoy at an outdoor movie theatre or even in your living room as you watch a movie at home. Don’t forget to take out a warm blanket for snuggling and matches to light the candles!

For Your Kids

A gift basket with a few candies, dried fruits, crackers and a stuffed toy will be an ideal gift basket for the kids in your life. Your girly girl might appreciate a care package that includes nail polish, shampoo, lotions, pretend makeup, costume jewelry, combs, brushes and a mirror. Boys or die hard sport lovers will appreciate hats, cards, books or other sport paraphernalia. Your little bookworm or artist will enjoy books, pens, pencils, art supplies and other related items. Always tuck in a few treats in your hampers for kids. Don’t forget to slip in a hand-written note telling your child how much he is loved and appreciated. He might pretend to ignore it now, but he’ll treasure it forever.

For Your Friends and Close Relatives

It’s not too common to present friends and relatives with extravagant Valentine’s Day gifts, but if you want to let a close friend or family member know just how much you care, a small token of appreciation is relevant. Smaller gift baskets stuffed with chocolates, cakes, dried fruit, coffee or wine are ideal gifts. Include a picture of the both of you doing something special, or a card to express how much you value their friendship. You can do something similar for your parents and grandparents.

For Long Distance Friends and Family

Sometimes the people we love most are far away. Remind them of how much you love and care for them by sending a care package that you plan with care and enthusiasm. What are some of the things that will remind them of home? Look for gift basket providers who can provide those things. If not, you’ll have to put the basket together on your own. Homemade treats, coffee, dried fruits, canned goods that you make at home and an album filled with pictures from the past are all things that your long distance love would enjoy.

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