31 Mar

Dress Shopping Tips for Full-Figured Women

For many women, finding clothes that fit well and flatter their body shape can be difficult. It can sometimes feel that fashion is the domain of the young and skinny, while those with fuller figures are neglected. One item that larger women often dislike shopping for is dresses. If you’re generally not very confident in your body, then the thought of wearing something so feminine can fill you with dread. However, there’s no need to resort to trousers for your next special occasion. Just use these simple tips to find the dress that fits your size and shape, and you may find them more flattering than you think.

Finding your shape

Being fuller figured doesn’t mean you have to wear big, baggy clothing. Work out your body shape and it’s easy to choose which areas to show off, and which are best kept under wraps. Here are some of the common body shapes amongst curvy women, and what they should look out for:

  • Pear – These women are bottom heavy, but often a smaller size on top.

    Go for – Colour block dresses with a lighter colour or print on top, and a darker colour on the bottom. Choose fabrics with a bit of stretch to ensure a well-fitted look.

    Avoid – Dresses with big skirts or A-lines, as these will draw attention to your lower half. Short or mid-calf lengths are often unflattering too, so look for dresses that end around the knee.

  • Apple – Women of this shape often carry their weight around their middle, but have the advantage of slim arms and legs.

Go for – Floaty, feminine dresses, ideally with short sleeves to show off your slimmer areas. If you’ve got great legs, then go for a shorter length.

Avoid – Clothing that focuses on the waist or is very structured or tailored. Ideally you want to skim your mid-section.

  • Hourglass – You’ve got a curvaceous figure with large breasts and bottom, but a nipped in waist.

Go for – Well-fitted, retro styles that show off your figure. Hourglass women often look good in bodycon or other sleek styles.

Avoid – Baggy or shapeless dresses, large prints, or maxi dresses that swamp your curves.

One of the most important aspects of shopping for a fuller figure dresses is to find items that fit well. If you are a plus size 20, then squeezing into a smaller size isn’t going to do you any favours, and may actually make you look bigger. Well-fitted clothes are the best way to flatter your shape, avoid lumps and bumps, and make you feel more confident in your body.

Wardrobe staples

If you’re lucky enough to have a curvaceous figure, don’t be afraid to try different styles. This is the best way to learn what works for your body and what doesn’t, and bringing along a friend who can be honest with you can really help this process. Remember that dresses are often a staple of your wardrobe, so buying one that fits well and makes you feel great means that you are much more likely to get a lot of wear out of it. Dresses aren’t just for special occasions, they are also a comfortable choice for workwear, and can be dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories, so it’s essential to find the style that works for you.

Celebrate your shape

Wearing a dress will instantly make you feel more feminine, and can really help you feel confident when you’re a larger lady. Learn to show off your curves rather than hiding them away, and you’re bound to turn a few heads for all the right reasons.

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