28 Jan

What to Know Before Buying a Wedding Ring

Such a big part of an engagement has to do with the jewelry that is chosen. From the metal to the cut and color of the stone, there are thousands of varieties to choose from when it comes to picking the perfect rings for your marriage. This decision is, of course, an important one because the jewelry that you and your future spouse choose will last you a lifetime and are to be worn every day. Before you go shopping, there are a few important considerations to make to help you decide on a piece of Read more [...]
24 Jan

Preserving Your Memories-4 Different Ways To Keep Your Memories Close

Your memories are some of the most beloved and cherished possessions that you have, and it’s very important that you preserve these memories so that you can always remember them throughout the years. There are plenty of different ways that you can preserve your memories, and the following are four great ideas. 1. Take pictures and videos. The easiest way to preserve your memories is to take plenty of pictures and videos throughout your life. Make sure to take pictures and videos with your family Read more [...]
23 Jan

Ouch! What To Do When Cupid Stabs You In The Back

St Valentine’s Day is often lauded as one of the most romantic days of the year, but for those of us that are single it does not often seem to be.  Watching family and friends receive plentiful amounts of Valentine’s Day jewellery whilst we are on the side-lines can seem a little depressing.  So here is how to survive the most romantic day of the year when you are not in the mood. Single and Ready to Mingle Being single does not mean that you have to spend the day alone.  Getting together Read more [...]
23 Jan

Anniversary Gifts – Think Outside the Box

Everyone knows that the 25th wedding anniversary is silver, the 50th is gold and the 60th is platinum, and if you or people you know are lucky enough to hit one of these milestones, finding the appropriate present is simple. What is trickier is finding something appropriate for other anniversaries, especially those which do not mark a round number, and too often we fall into the habit of buying flowers or chocolates, and booking a table at a restaurant for a meal. There’s nothing wrong with the Read more [...]
20 Jan

The Role of a Psychic Reading in Love Life

Everyone wishes they could succeed in their love life. However, it is not always easy to find someone that is truly special and unique. In other words, it can be a little difficult to locate that special person that you can start a long lasting relationship with. This is why so many will looking towards taking in a psychic reading that will guide them towards meeting the right person. Not everyone is familiar with what psychics do or how they can be a great help to someone wishing to meet someone Read more [...]
16 Jan

Ways to Improve Work Relationships

Work relationships can often be filled with friction when work situations throw different and sometimes difficult personalities together. It can seem especially difficult to get along with co-workers when communication breaks down and people jump to conclusions. However, adhering to a few simple rules in the workplace can help to mitigate problems and create a happier and more productive environment for everyone. Tip #1: Communicate A major reason that people encounter problems with co-workers, Read more [...]
16 Jan

Romantic Home Dinners for Valentine’s Day

One of the most common and romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day is over an evening meal together. Sharing a home cooked candlelit dinner has a certain charm about it and is very romantic if it all goes to plan. There is not any particular special meal that is the most romantic by definition. However, there is little doubt what is not romantic. For the culinary challenged, two-minute noodles or microwaved slops is not going to cut it, even if that is your favorite meal. Romantic Dinner For Read more [...]
16 Jan

How We Could Find The Right Person For You

Online Romance The new trend of online dating is a great way of meeting new people and making new acquaintances, but how much can we actually know about the person we’re talking to at the other end? Though you could be talking to the real love of your life, anyone can join online sites and forums and no matter how much care we take, we cannot be sure. If you’ve met someone you’d like to know more about before proceeding with the relationship, we could tell you all the little things that you Read more [...]
14 Jan

Five Celebrities You Wouldn’t Want to Plan Your Wedding

Whether you are taken in by the world’s continuing obsession with celebrity, or watch television shows such as Celebrity Battle of the Brides and either laugh or cry at what goes on, there is no doubt that these influences are spreading into occasions such as weddings. Celebrity Wedding Planner is another of the current crop of wedding reality shows. The producers of this show have missed a trick, however, by getting people that the bridge and groom to be are fans of to be the planners. Surely, Read more [...]
14 Jan

5 Great Ways To Meet Someone New

For whatever reason it may be, you may find yourself looking at all possible ways to meet some new people in your life. It is horrible when you find yourself stuck in a rut with the same old people in your life, so make this year a little different and meet some new people that can totally change your life. Hobbies The perfect way to meet someone who has the same interests as you is going out and joining a group or a society where you can start one of your favourite hobbies. The best way to do this Read more [...]