31 Mar

10 Classy Jewelry Ideas for Bridesmaids

On any wedding day, all eyes are always on the groom and – especially – the lovely bride. For bridesmaids, their job at a wedding is to look classy and beautiful, while at the same time not out-shining the bride on her big day. With that sense of understated elegance in mind, these 10 jewelry ideas for bridesmaids can each strike the perfect balance for looking great while not being ostentatious.

1. A Collar Statement Piece

Collar necklaces are more elaborate than typical neck jewelry, and are generally shaped like a shirt collar. These necklaces are often bedazzled with gemstones and sparkly accents to make them stand out from all other necklaces. They work exceptionally well with plain dresses that need to have extra “pop”. Emerald is the color of the year and makes a perfect hue for this style. This Oscar De La Renta necklace is a great example of a piece that pops but maintains class and glamor.

2. Diamond And Opal Earrings

These Dior diamond and opal earrings are the perfect piece of jewelry for a bridesmaid. They are delicate but sparkly enough to catch the eye of the audience. Each pair is a total of .46 carats and is truly spectacular. They could pair well with pretty much any bridesmaid dress.

3. Chanel Camelia Ring

This 18k white gold and diamond ring is the perfect choice for a bridesmaid. This stunning ring is shaped like a beautiful rose, and each diamond creates the petals. It’s a unique and classy piece that stands out, and you won’t need another piece of jewelry while wearing it. It pairs well with black and purple dresses in particular.

4. Zoe Chicco Initial Ring

Initial rings are a cute way to wear something low key and pretty. Zoe Chicco rings are dainty, affordable and make the perfect addition to a dress that is already glamorous. You would wear these dainty pieces with a bold dress, since bold jewelry would be a bit “too much” with it.

5. Chunky Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets may be reminiscent of your middle-school years, but the modern bracelets offer a chic and cute design that pairs perfectly with braidsmaid dresses. A sterling piece with a pave heart offers just enough shimmer and glitz to make you feel special. Tiffany’s, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture and various designers offer this style in a wide range of prices. This Judith Ripka bracelet is just one example.

6. Graduated Sterling Silver Beads By Tiffany & Co.

A sterling-silver necklace by Tiffany & Co. that is classic and sleek. These graduated beads are designed to be timelessly elegant. These necklaces are affordable for most ladies, and they pair well with virtually any dress. You can pair them with a punchy-colored dress, an emerald dress or even a little-black dress. If you don’t want to go the designer route, then there are plenty of more affordable options that look quite similar.

7. Paloma Picasso Leaf Ring

This sculpted ring is made of sterling silver and is a symbol of hope and peace. The leaves are olive branches, and this symbolic ring will be a beautiful addition to your bridesmaid outfit. If the wedding theme is religious, it makes a perfect match. Tiffany & Co is the official retailer of Paloma Picasso jewelry.

8. Glam Spiked Necklace

Spikes are a major trend, and they can work well with a bridesmaid dress if the bride has more of a rocker/punk style. You want the metal to be soft and the spikes to be contrasting and shiny. This makes it appear more feminine. This style is cropping up on runways everywhere, but Joomi Lim makes a particularly striking piece that is affordable. You should wear this with a solid-colored dress for the best look.

9. Turquoise Teardrop Earrings

Turquoise-teardrop earrings are the perfect piece for a beach or bohemian wedding. Turquoise jewelry works well with lighter-colored dresses and loose-fitting gowns – just make sure to wear your hair up so the earrings can be shown off! These Miguel Ases earrings are a great example of this cool trend.

10. A Dainty Designer Bracelet

Sometimes all you need is a slim bracelet on your wrist. This Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet is perfect for low-key weddings. It’s cute, classy and it pairs well with almost any dress. It’s easy to find slim bangles, and every designer from Chanel to Cartier will have options for you to choose from.

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