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Four Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as always, that means that lots of men are scrambling to think of something truly special to do for their sweethearts. Valentine’s Day can be daunting because you want to show her that she matters but you want it to stand out. The main goal is to do something or get her something that no one else has ever thought of. That can be tricky because just about everything creative has been thought of – but it’s still possible to concoct something creative, fun, and totally new into your romance. From an over-the-top Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear to unforgettable experiences, we’ve got your back with these four V-Day ideas.

Cooking a special meal.

This might not sound unique at first, because it’s been in just about every romantic comedy movie ever made (often setting off the fire alarm). But that’s just it: you mostly see this in movies. How many times have you actually cooked a large, fancy and romantic dinner for your girl? Most guys just take her to a restaurant. Choose a main dish, two sides and a good wine and you’re ready to do. A few simple tips: if you’re not an experienced cook, do a test run at a guy friend’s house first – and make sure you’re the one who does the dishes.

A mystery.

What if you created a little mystery around your big romantic night? This can be as simple as not telling her where you’re going – or even blindfolding her – but it can also be a lot more. Leave her clues to get her to the right place and she will be dying of anticipation all night long. It doesn’t have to be complex – a card on her door that says, “Where we had our first date. 7:00” – and when she gets there you’re waiting to take her somewhere else.

An outfit.

Chances are you’re planning a special outing for the big night, but what will she wear? Imagine if she came home to find a new dress, shoes and necklace on her bed with “wear this” on a note with a flower. Add a layer of lingerie if you’re daring. Make sure you consult a female friend on fashion choices before you buy the dress!

A teddy bear.

Let’s face it, every girl has a special place in her heart for Valentine’s day teddy bears and it’s a lot less cliché than flowers or chocolates. It lasts longer too. We wouldn’t dare to make this the only gift she gets, but surprising her at work with an oversize teddy can be a great start to the day.

What have you done to spice up past Valentine’s Days?

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