14 Apr

Perfect Presents to Give on Your Wedding Night

The giving of a gift on the wedding night is a tradition which goes back centuries. It also spans multiple countries, with couples around the world still practicing it to this day. But you can’t just give your new husband or wife any old thing on the first night after your big day. It has to be both special and meaningful, and it also has to be appropriate for the occasion.

Traditional Gifts

There are lots of gifts which are traditionally given on wedding nights, and most of them bear some kind of special meaning or significance.

For example, giving a watch on the wedding night is a tradition mostly observed by brides. A groom’s watch would typically have the date of the wedding engraved on the back, which is a service provided by most reputable watch sellers. A watch signifies the marking of time, and a new watch is also a symbol of the new life you will be spending together. Other traditional gifts of this nature include engraved picture frames, desk clocks, handkerchiefs and tie clips.


It’s typically expected that a newly married couple will wish to consummate their vows, so it’s fairly common for a husband to give his wife a gift of beautiful lingerie which will help to spice up the wedding night. Sometimes, however, a bride-to-be will purchase wedding night lingerie herself before the big day arrives. So if you’re a husband who is considering buying lingerie for his new wife, make sure it’s something special that she might not have chosen herself. Brides can also buy sexy lingerie for their grooms, in the form of silk underwear. Boxers can also be monogrammed, and this personal touch will make the gift extra special.

Meaningful Gifts

The best present you could possibly give someone is something that will hold some kind of special significance for them personally. So, if you’re not too bothered about giving a traditional or spicy gift on your wedding night, you could give something that is a little more unusual but a lot more meaningful. For example, if your partner likes to read you could find them a signed copy of their favourite book. If you’re both very active you could book a couple’s skydive or hot air balloon ride, or if you share a love of food or fine wine you could arrange for a specially selected gift basket to be waiting in your room.


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