17 Jun

Details You Must Not Neglect When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is the dream of many. You can have a beautiful wedding with gorgeous landscape in the background. Outdoor weddings are also considered warmer and more intimate in many ways. Despite the romantic nature, however, outdoor weddings are not the easiest to plan and execute.

Aside from the major elements of the wedding, there are details that you have to attend to when planning an outdoor wedding. These details can make or break the wedding and the mood of the event, which is why we are going to review them and how you can take care of these details correctly.


Never have an outdoor wedding without an indoor space for the guests. Even when the weather is perfect, offering guests enough space to take a break from being under the sun is a huge plus. Unfortunately, not all outdoor wedding venues have a big enough indoor area for the guests.

Tents are the solution if that is the case. You can rent tents that are designed specifically for weddings. They are beautifully decorated and will fit your wedding perfectly. Another thing to check is whether the tents are weatherproofed, especially if you expect rain to be a potential issue.


The outdoor space you use for your wedding will mostly dictate the overall layout and design of the wedding venue. While you can rent seats for the special day, a limited space will limit the number of seats you can provide for guests.

This is a relatively easy thing to handle, but it is still a detail you don’t want to neglect. When renting seats for guests, make sure you ask for spare seats to be prepared on-site. You can also play with the type of seats and tables you use to maximize the available space.


Yes, refreshments are important if you are having an outdoor wedding, especially when it is a summer wedding. Adding a lot of refreshments to the menu is a great way to keep guests comfortable and entertained as they become part of your special day.

You don’t have to settle for cold drinks either. Ice cream, fruits, and even some puddings are great for hotter summer days. Add interesting mocktails to the menu for the younger guests and you are all set for a beautiful wedding day.


Last but certainly not least, you want to make sure that guests have enough restrooms and that other supporting amenities – such as sufficient parking space – are available. Restrooms are also easy to prepare now that there are companies like Satellite Suites and their Satellite restroom trailers.

These restroom trailers aren’t the usual portable restroom you are probably imagining right now. They are luxurious and well-designed for comfort. They are also very clean and will be maintained throughout the wedding. Renting them will solve your restroom worry once and for all.

These are small details you will have to think about when planning an outdoor wedding. As minute as they may be, getting these details right will make your special day even more special for you and your guests.

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