23 Jan

Anniversary Gifts – Think Outside the Box

Everyone knows that the 25th wedding anniversary is silver, the 50th is gold and the 60th is platinum, and if you or people you know are lucky enough to hit one of these milestones, finding the appropriate present is simple. What is trickier is finding something appropriate for other anniversaries, especially those which do not mark a round number, and too often we fall into the habit of buying flowers or chocolates, and booking a table at a restaurant for a meal. There’s nothing wrong with the flowers or the chocolates, but with a bit more effort you can come up with something altogether more interesting and unusual.

Do Your Homework

Nobody’s expecting you to be able to reel off from memory the type of present associated with each anniversary from memory, but with access to the internet from laptops, tablets and smartphones it takes just seconds to do your research. Many websites will split the anniversary lists into traditional or modern, and this means you have twice as many types of gifts to choose from. For example, the traditional gift for first anniversaries is related to paper, such as books, writing sets or maybe a magazine subscription. Some modern websites claim the first anniversary gift should be a clock, so pick whichever convention inspires you most.

“Odd” anniversaries

If you’ve been married for a few years and the old chocolate and flowers routine is getting a bit tired, consult the list. For example, a sixth anniversary is associated with wood, so it’s the perfect opportunity to splash out on that special item of oak furniture which your other half has been dropping hints about. The 13th anniversary is all about lace or textiles, so clothes are definitely the order of the day. There’s no need to stick rigidly to the anniversary lists if they don’t appeal, but they provide a good starting point if you’re struggling for ideas. Just make sure your partner know they’re celebrating their wood wedding anniversary as they may be a bit bemused when they unwrap their oak furniture or discover they’ve had a tree planted in their name.

Ask for Help

Nearly all large department stores will stock items which are appropriate for any anniversary, and if you’re stuck for ideas about what to buy, the staff will be happy to suggest items and point you in the right direction. As around friends and families, as people will often hint to their nearest and dearest about what sort of items they would most like to receive. Make sure everything is beautifully gift wrapped and presented as first impressions are very important, and most stores will wrap items for you at a small additional charge.

Gifts You Can Add To

A sneaky way of guaranteeing easy choices for years to come is to decide on a gift which can be added to over time. If your partner loves penguins, for example, suggest that she might like to start a collection of ornaments, and that you will buy a new one each birthday or anniversary. Another good alternative is a charm bracelet, or jewellery which can have beads or links added to it over time.

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Guest blogger Morag Peers has been blogging for years on topics such as relationship advice. The advice offered here was initially inspired when she was browsing the National Furniture website for a special piece of Oak living furniture.

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