03 Feb

The seven worst Christmas presents you could be gifted this year

We’ve all been there – receiving an awful Christmas present yet trying to look absolutely delighted and appreciative in the process.
It’s a tricky moment to negotiate but, if you’re savvy enough, it can be fairly straight forward to pull off.
‘Aww thanks, that’s great, just what I’ve been looking for’ you say with gritted teeth.
So what terrible gifts for Christmas occasions into this category? Just to give you a timely reminder before the big day (and for anyone who is even considering any of these no-no’s) here are seven Xmas gifting disasters.
We’ll start off with a classic. Good old socks. You can’t go wrong with socks, can you? Well, you can.
So what is so bad about socks then? Nothing really, they’re just rather boring and unimaginative, aren’t they? Do you even *need* socks? Probably not!

? Gift vouchers
I’ve never quite understood the concept behind the gift voucher.
Let me get this straight, you are given X amount of spend for just one store? Why on earth would you want to be so restrictive? What benefit does a gift voucher have over actual money? It doesn’t, does it? If you gift money, it can be spent anywhere at any time.
Vouchers, on the other hand, pin you down to just one outlet – what is the point of that?!
? Chocolate
We all (most of us) enjoy a bit of chocolate, sure. But at Christmas time our choc-intake is usually accelerated beyond the point of viable enjoyment consumption. After the first three selection boxes we’re sick of it.
So yeah, if you’re thinking about buying someone some chocolate, don’t. They’ve already got enough.

When I say “Smellies”, I mean deodorants, shower gels, after shaves – basically the items that geared towards making you smell good.
However, there are two problems with this. One, are you trying to say that I stink? And two, do I really want to pong of Lynx Africa? I think not.
? A Christmas Jumper
You know those I’m talking about. The tacky, cheesy and damn right unfashionable Christmas jumpers that seem to make an unwanted appearance at this time of year.
Seriously though, is there much point to it? Can you really wear a Christmas jumper in January? No, you can’t.

Free gifts
Ok, I get it, you’ve decided to take the cheap way out. You’ve given me something that was clearly gifted to you for free. How nice and thoughtful of you. In fact, forget it, I’d rather you gave me nothing! (Actually…)
? A Christmas Card – with no money in it
Yes, this is extremely ungrateful – I realise that. But, admit it, who isn’t disappointed to receive a solitary Christmas card only to discover there in no money inside? C’mon now, we all do it.
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