01 Jan

Words Of Comfort If Your big Sister Gets Dumped

You love your big sis, but someone has dumped her and now she is in pieces.

It is your job to stick her back together again – but as you are younger, it can be tricky knowing how to do this.

Your big sister may not want to talk to you about more grown up things – and will most likely have friends and family she can talk to.

However, cheering up a big sister after she has been dumped can be fun for you both, so here’s how.

  • Take your big sis a cup of tea and some chocolate or chocolate biscuits – choose plain chocolate as this contains a natural substance called tryptophan which helps make people feel happier and which will help cheer her up.
  • If you have talent like drawing or making jewellery or graphics, make your big sis a present to cheer her up – presents need not cost a fortune, but make her something in her favourite colours or design.
  • Give your big sis a hug – and take some paper hankies with you in case this makes her emotional.
  • Do not be afraid of your big sister crying – crying is a good way to get rid of emotions which are stored up when we are sad, but crying can make us tired, so if your sister has been crying, tuck her up with her duvet and let her sleep.
  • Take your big sister to a place you used to go as children or when you were younger, like the park or the zoo or a coffee bar, as remembering happy times with people who love her will make her feel better.
  • Don’t be tempted to exact revenge on your big sister’s ex – love affairs are very complicated and it may be she wants to get back with her ex and he will want to get back with her after a break, so let them work it out and don’t interfere or bad-mouth your big sister’s ex.
  • If you and your big sis don’t get on – now is the time to make it up. Brothers and sisters sometimes don’t get on, but when things go wrong you can still be there for each other and your big sis will doubly appreciate this help from you.
  • Tell your big sis how much you love her – again, she may begin to cry but this can be good crying because she is happy she has you to love her.
  • If you are worried about your big sister, talk to your mum or dad or another relative, or an adult like a teacher or the school nurse who can help.

Remember relationships can be difficult things and sometimes people split up and get back together – or find someone new and get back on their feet very quickly.

It is all part of growing up and finding someone you love to spend your life with eventually, so try not to be too upset if your big sister has been dumped an is unhappy – reassure her that there are lots of people out there who will love her and tell her what a fantastic person she is.

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