17 Apr

When It Comes to Weddings, the Numbers Can Add Up

As most married couples know all too well, planning a successful wedding involves paying close attention to the details. This includes researching prospective costs to get a feel for just how much your big day is going to cost to ensure spending doesn’t become a burden. For instance, an average wedding ceremony and reception typically incurs an expense of $28, 385. In the majority of cases these costs are covered by the parents of the bride, though in recent years the happy couple themselves have increasingly been tasked with footing the bill. One big part of the reception involves entertainment, which is noted as being a concern for approximately 78% of brides surveyed one week after their nuptials took place.

There are numerous other details to be considered when planning a wedding. For instance, costs related to purchasing engagement rings can become expensive, with the average cost falling just under $5,000. Additional considerations include what time of year a wedding should take place, where to hold the ceremony, and even selecting a prime honeymoon destination. Bringing all of these disparate elements together can prove challenging for many couples, but the end reward makes it all worthwhile. A great wedding can offer a fun time for guests, while also providing couple the opportunity to express their love to friends and family alike. For more information on the many details involved in planning the wedding of your dreams, please see the infographic below.

Wedding Infographic

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