07 Feb

What Truly Makes Golfers Happy? How to Select a Great Golf Course for Your Game

When the weather is just right, there’s no better time to play golf. Golfers are known for taking advantage of the weather, simply because golf is an outdoor activity that makes us truly appreciate nature. Of course, golf is also a game that emphasises patience as well as opportunity, so you need to be able to enjoy yourself whilst in the midst of a game. This is where a great golf course comes to mind. If you are raring for a game of golf and want to maximise your time, choose a great golf course. But what separates a great course from a merely mediocre one? Here’s how to make the golfer in you happy: how to select a great golf course for your game.

Look at the course’s routing

The term routing is simply the direction in which players can play the holes. You have to think about whether or not the holes can be played in different directions or whether you have to play a series of the same holes. For many golfers, playing in the same direction every time is not so attractive and tends to bore most. Variety plays a big role. If the golf course has an array of routes for golfers, that’s always a good option.

Check the design

Even if you are a beginner in the sport of golf, you would already appreciate a good design. When it comes to design, we’re simply talking about the strategic placement of various features, such as water hazards and bunkers, and so on. These features should be placed in such a way as to challenge golfers but provide them with a lot of opportunity at the same time. The greens should always be placed to give players the chance to get the best shot. Of course, the course cannot be too difficult for the average player as well – it just needs to offer different challenges to those with different skill sets.

Other aspects to think about

Whether or not you are already a skilled golf enthusiast who has been playing the game for years or are just a beginner, you need to be able to enjoy your game and end up satisfied with your play. Choosing the ideal golf course that can fit your needs and requirements is important. But aside from this, you also have other aspects to think about, such as the golf course’s accessibility (it’s best if it’s near enough to the city for easy access, but not too near that you cannot enjoy the appeal of the countryside) and options for accommodation, relaxation, and entertainment (such as those offered by the Oxfordshire golf club at Heythrop Park, which is situated next to two hotels, offers gym, spa, and pool amenities, and more).

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