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Wedding Planning Tips – Booking the Venue in Bournemouth

Venues need to be booked up early in your wedding planning schedule. If you delay on finding the place for your wedding it will make it a lot harder to plan anything else. Furthermore, the cost of the venue is often one of the highest expenses, so if you don’t know how much you have to spend you’re not going to be able to stay on top of your finances.

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Deciding When You Want to Get Married

The biggest decision you’ll need to make is where in the world you want to get married. Once you have made this decision the job of finding the venue is made so much easier. If you’ve decided to get married in Bournemouth you can begin filtering down the different search criteria to help you find the ideal place. Here’s a quick checklist of points to consider:

  • Pick a venue that is in a convenient position for your friends and family

  • Make sure there is enough parking space or somewhere nearby for friends and family to park without having to worry about paying for additional parking tickets.

  • Are you allowed to hire your own band, play live music and if there are any restrictions on noise

  • Will children be welcome at the venue?

  • Is it possible to bring your own alcohol and to organise your own catering if you want to? This is a great way of reducing costs.

  • What packages are there available?

  • Will there be other wedding parties on the same day?

  • Is there a time limit you need to be aware of?

  • Will you be permitted to decorate the venue yourself?

Be honest with the venue owners when you’re viewing. If you’re having a themed wedding or if you know you want a certain type of band and atmosphere let them know before you begin looking at the contract. Not all venues will be suitable for the plans you might have in mind.

Wedding Venues and Your Wedding Photos

It’s important to consider your wedding photographer in Bournemouth when picking your venue. Believe it or not there are some venues that will not permit the photographer to take photos in certain parts of the venue, and this is something you need to be aware of. A good example of this is some religious venues that don’t permit photographers to take photos during the vows. If you want your photographer to have complete freedom throughout the entire day it’s better to check this before you sign the contract.

It’s also worth asking your photographer if they have experience taking photos in your preferred venue. They might be able to suggest some excellent locations for certain images you want included in your wedding album.

Do Your Research

Take a look at some of the photos included on the http://www.nickrutterphotography.co.uk website to discover some of the incredible venues available throughout Bournemouth. Another good idea is to travel around the area looking at some of the properties. If something stands out or really fits in with the theme of your wedding you could take a quick peek and ask to speak to the manager there and then.

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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