27 Oct

Wedding Photos: Choosing between Cost and Quality

Most couples will tell you that one of the hardest things about planning a wedding is budgeting how much money should go to each category. With the changing economy in the past few years most people are very conscious of how much they’re spending and how to reduce costs. In this post however, I’d like to make the case that wedding photography is one of the categories you might not want to skimp on. I’m not saying to go out and £4,000 per day photographer who wears tails and has a gold plated Nikon, but by spending a little more, you can get a lot more value.

Advantages of Quality Photography:

First let’s take a look what you get for money if you spend a little more on a photographer. One of the biggest benefits is that a lot of times spending a little more will get you your personal paparazzi for the entire day. A lot of cheaper packages are hourly or only for certain parts of the ceremony and reception. Having them for the whole ensures flexibility on when and where the photo shoots take place. A lot of studios that charge more also have multiple photographers come in. This allows for shots from multiple angles for the “money shots” like the first dance and cutting of the cake. The quality of the equipment is also going to be better, resulting in better photos.

We give you one example where a good value wedding photographer (someone who is not to costly but delivers great results) who is Lee Glasgow, he can give you everything you need. As wedding photographer working in Warwickshire you can see the unique photos that have been taken in the area, and this photographer can also produce excellent professional wedding photography in Leicester seen on the front page of the website. This should show you the quality you will be getting when spending that little extra and going into the thousands rather than hundreds for your photographer.

Disadvantages of Budget Photography:

One of the main shortcomings of going with a budget photographer is experience. A lot of times what happens is the couple will get their cousin’s room-mate to do the job and it’s their first time doing a wedding. The quality might suffer. Now obviously this isn’t always the case, and even some higher-cost options can do a poor job. Just make sure if you do use a friend or family member to research their work as if you didn’t know them. The quality of the images is probably going to suffer as well. If the studio has a cheaper price, they’re probably also using cheaper equipment.

Just because you hire a more skilled studio with better equipment doesn’t necessarily mean that the overall cost of the wedding has to increase. 20 years from very few people will remember what the cake tasted like, but they will always be able to look at the pictures.

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