24 Jul

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Planning a wedding involves too many details, enough of family drama, deadlines and enough stress which may sometimes make you wish to elope. Whenever there’s a wedding round the corner, there are so many things that need to be planned on, the venue, the wedding gown, the number of guests, the gifts and definitely the wedding rings. Wedding rings take a significant part of the planning as they are the pieces of jewellery which takes the relationship of the bride and groom to the next level.

Diamond rings from the best seller should be chosen for wedding rings and you can view diamonds sold by James Allen as they are a reputable diamond seller. Apart from your wedding gown and wedding rings, there are many other areas which need to be properly planned. The concerns of this post will deal with the most common wedding planning mistakes which all couples should avoid.

#1: Making plans way before setting a budget

Choosing a dress or the venue of the wedding before setting any kind of financial parameters is similar to shopping without taking a look at the price tags. If you do this, you risk falling for a gown which breaks your heart as soon as you realize that you have to cut down your guest list into half in order to be able to afford it. Hence, the 3 initial obstacles are guest list, budget and venue. It is your budget which will define your options and also drive your decisions towards the right path. Don’t forget to follow a budget before planning your wedding.

#2: Not having a rainy day plan to fall back on

A wedding means on outdoor event and you never know, rain can any time spoil all your plans and play the role of a game-changer. Majority are just keeping their fingers crossed to think that it won’t happen but if it does, you should be ready with an alternative plan. People usually don’t want to deposit money for umbrellas, tents and golf carts as they think that they may not need them. But if you’re marrying during the peak season and you don’t book them early, you will never get them when the weather gets iffy. So, consider the ‘what-ifs’ in order to be ready for emergencies.

#3: Underestimating the outdoor costs

Just because the setting is breezy, it doesn’t mean that planning will be easy. With regards to alfresco, there are people who think that they’re just putting a tent in the field and that it’s going to be beautiful. What they don’t realize is that the logistics which are required for a tented event to be pulled off without any glitches is sometimes tough. You will have to rent kitchen facilities, bathrooms, fans, lights, heaters and generators.

#4: Planning a party which is too long

Your wedding is definitely an event of your lifetime but the guests should not feel that it lasted for a lifetime. You might get so excited that you can even map out a long celebration with a lengthy ceremony, drinks, cocktail hour and multi-course dinner, 3 hours of non-stop dancing and after-party gatherings. However, market experts agree that a 5-hour reception is the ultimate best that your guests can enjoy and will leave laughing. Hence, you should make sure that the evening has got a natural end.

Therefore, whenever you plan your wedding, make sure you take the above mentioned mistakes into account so that you can steer clear from them. Make it a grand success by taking your best step forward.

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