13 Aug

Unique Ring Styles To Match Your Personality

Wedding rings have a long history. Many historians believe the tradition started with the ancient Egyptians. They would create jewelry out of plants and form them into circles, a never-ending shape that would represent their eternal love. The space for the finger was considered a gateway into the unknown future they would hold together. Although it has since been disproven, many believed that wedding rings adorned the forth finger on the left hand because it contained ‘Vena Amoris’ or the ‘Vein of Love,’ which was believed to be a direct vein to the heart.

Fast forward a few millennia and rings were fashioned out of durable metals and adorned with sparkling jewels. While the history of the ring may be set in tradition, these days women are looking past the standard gold band and solitaire diamonds to more unique styles.

Alternate Metals

For centuries, wedding rings were made of traditional yellow gold due to its luster and malleability. Now, many rings are created with white gold to provide a strong metal with a silver finish. To create something more unique, ring designers have created other gold tones including rose, black, red, pink, blue, green, and purple which are created by combining gold with other metal alloys.

Alternatively, other metals are also used, the most popular of which are platinum, palladium, and titanium because they are much stronger and durable.

Colored Stones

Since the gemstones are often the center focus of the ring, many couples are opting for colors other than traditional clear diamonds. Some couples may chose other colored diamonds such as yellow, blue, pink, green, or brown diamonds.

However, the most interesting and unique colored diamond is the black diamond, which isn’t translucent like most diamonds. With their growing popularity, you can find more and more black diamond engagement rings for sale. If the couple is seeking other stones entirely, pink and blue sapphires are often the most popular.

Personalized Rings

Rather than choosing a ring that other people may have, some couples opt to design completely personal rings. The rings are often deeply personal and unique to the couple. Some examples have included the couple’s names, fingerprints, image projector, imprint messages, heartbeat, soundwaves, a message in binary code, and even a phonograph recording.

Themed Rings

People unite for various reasons but often they’re bound by common interests. These common interests can include a passion for certain television shows, video games, comic books, movies, or activities. These passions may translate into the wedding theme and even find their way to the wedding rings. The rings can contain certain colored stones, metals, or other elements to incorporate within the design.

These days, couples rings don’t even have to match so you can find something that matches each individual. Remember that the ring is meant to adorn your finger for a lifetime so chose something you will enjoy for some time to come. While wedding rings are designed to be durable, be sure to take proper care of them. Whatever rings you chose, be sure to find a style that is appropriate for you.

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