31 Oct

Trading Your Something Old Car For Something New

After the honeymoon and all that glitters, it can be rough getting back into the swing of things. Many couples face financial strain when it comes to regrouping after the big day or even blending families. Some just don’t have it in the budget to buy their dream car when they’ve just finished paying for their dream wedding. What’s a couple to do when it comes to making the most of their budget and getting into a new car? The best part is: you’ve got lots of options. Check out our ultimate guide to getting into a new car when it comes to getting started as a happy couple.

It’s All About Trading Up

First of all, before you start shopping for a new car you should consider a trade-in. Are you trading both cars for one amazing new one or just one car and financing? These are important things to factor in when discussing a new car as a new couple. Check out Cars.com for the amazing advice on how to trade your car in. Of course, there’s also amazing advice on how to create a listing and how to sell your car using the Quick Offer app. Cars.com really gives you a lot of knowledge and options when it comes to trading in your car.

Discuss Your Budget

One of the biggest adventures as newlyweds is getting comfortable talking about money. Now that you’ve tied the knot, you’ll want to really talk about what your expectations are and what you both expect in your next vehicle. This will help you more readily discuss how much you want to spend vs. how much you can spend. Next, you can use Cars.com to calculate payments, estimate the true value of trade-ins, and figure out just what kind of financing options and rates are available for you based on your trade-in or cash down availability.

Talk About The Future

Are you going to start a family soon or in the next few years? You might want to consider investing in a car that puts family first. Worried a family car isn’t all that stylish? Have no fear. Cars.com has an amazing new section dedicated to Car Seat Safety Checks. They sent their experts into the field to test car seats in various vehicles to let you know which works best with different car seats. So, you can still pick something stylish and sleek until any little ones come along. Check out Car Seat Safety Checks here https://www.cars.com/news/car-seat-check/. You can read more reviews and specs, as well with all the trending advice and latest car news on Cars.com too!

Be One Tech Savvy Couple

Putting all the great tools Cars.com has to offer to work for you will ease some of the financial and emotional tension of buying a new car. Once you decide on a budget, style, make, model and all those sweet amenities – you’ll want to download the app. Cars.com on the go mobile app can help you avoid the hassle on the car lot. Once you have the app just scan the VIN number of any car on the lot and you’ll get instant pricing information right on your mobile phone. Available for both Android and iPhone users, this app really gives you the ability to buy something you both love at the right price.

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