03 Feb

The Top Character Traits That Women Look For In A Man

It is often said that women look more into a man’s personality and character when choosing a husband. Sure, many would agree that money is a huge factor but let’s put that aside and see what character traits are most desirable in a man.


What woman or even person wants an unfaithful partner? Women find faithfulness sexy in a man. When a woman finds a husband material she becomes attached to him and can often have bouts of jealousy. If you’re a man, reassure your girlfriend/wife that you are with her all the way. Don’t give any woman (jealous or not) a reason to feel insecure or doubt your faithfulness.

Moral Integrity

Honesty goes hand in hand with faithfulness. Women like to talk and communicate. It’s very hard for them to keep quiet when something is up. They expect the same with the men in their lives although it’s hard for men to talk about their feelings. If you find yourself unable to communicate, show how you feel in different ways. What matters to a woman is that you are a decent person who can take care of her for the rest of your lives. Be honest in all aspects of your life.


Some teenagers and young women like the thrill of dating a bad boy. They like to experience the wild life. When they reach that marrying age in their lives, that’s the time when they look for a man who is caring, compassionate and kind. Women observe how the men in their lives treat other people. If you are still dating, every little thing you do is noted inside her brain. She will remember if you helped an old lady pick up her things on the street or you opened the door for her. She will especially take note of how you treat the women in your lives such as your mother and your sister.


Forget about equality of sexes and the feminist revolution. Most women still want a man they can depend on especially during times when they can no longer fight or stand up or take care of themselves or even do some last minute grocery shopping. Women want commitment and they need men to follow through. Responsibility is a big factor to make a relationship work. Remember your commitments and responsibilities and you will be rewarded.


Sure not all women want to get pregnant and have kids but the majority still do. Most women dream about their fantasy weddings and then build a family afterwards. A woman will observe how you treat kids such as your nephews and nieces or even your kid neighbour. A woman will not only look for a potential lifetime mate but someone who will take care of her children. Women will look for someone who is caring and patient because those are some of the traits of a good father.

If you have all these traits down pat, you are sure to attract a lot of women.

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