21 Apr

Top 7 Themes For An Unforgettable Wedding

Nowadays, there are so many wedding themes around, it is really difficult to pick just one theme, just take a look at all the wedding related resources online, including wedding planning sites, Pinterest etc. and you will get hundreds of wedding themes including destination wedding, beach wedding, period wedding, fandom inspired wedding and what not. Of course pulling them off will need a huge budget and manpower. So, here we bring you some cool wedding themes that can make some unforgettable memories but are easy to pull off without going anywhere outside Sydney. Just choose your pick from the wedding venues, and you are all set to have the most unforgettable event of your life.

#1. Vintage Theme

The vintage wedding trend is one of the most popular wedding themes till date. It feels so romantic to add old items to one’s big day. Most items used in a vintage wedding are heirloom items that were handed down from generation to generation in a family. Using these hand-me-downs in the wedding makes one feel like the whole family (even the deceased) are present in the wedding. So bring out those vintage frames, jewelries, and suitcases. Open the bottle of vintage wine and celebrate.

#2.Boho Theme

With the popularity of the boho wedding dresses, there are more and more brides craving to have boho theme weddings. It will mean a beautiful combination of designs and colors. Not to mention boho jewelries, bags, and floral headpieces. Boho themes always give the couples a scope to express themselves.

#3. Rustic Theme

If you love the rustic charm, you may consider having a barn wedding. The nature-inspired décor, vases filled with branches, lanterns hanging from every branch calls for a romantic setting. If your wedding venue allows you to have a rustic wedding, do not shy away from it. There’s a bonus to it, great photo ops.

#4. A Hint of Sparkle Theme

Add a touch of sparkle, and everything looks glam. Similarly, if you add a hint of sparkle to the wedding, the entire setting will shine. It is a great way to bring some glamour even to the simplest modern wedding. Just make sure not to overuse sparkle, or the entire set up will look garish.

#5. Color Pop Theme

It is no secret that bright pops of colors can enliven the mood. And a happy occasion celebrating the union of two hearts certainly calls for some cheerful colors. It is fun and flirty and apparently a big trend in weddings across the globe.

#6. Garden Wedding Theme

Having wedding in the garden is another popular wedding theme in modern times. It gets you close to nature, calls for outdoor scenes and makes for a great setting for exchanging vows and entertaining the guests. Imagine walking down the aisle in a garden during the twilight – it’s nothing short of magical. Now, all you need to do is to look for a garden wedding venue.

#7. High Drama Theme

Nothing speaks volume like a high drama wedding decor. Spectacular centerpieces, three tier wedding cake, a six foot trail of wedding gown, a live band, a photo booth and chocolate fountains. Of course, not everyone can afford it. But if you have the means, you can pull out all stops here. After all, not every day one gets to tie the knot. Make you big day a memorable one to all of the guests by adding some impressive decorations.

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