07 Jul

Tips For Having A More Casual Wedding

Not everyone dreams of a super fancy princess wedding with a huge while trains and a veil over the bride’s face. Not everyone want to wear white on their wedding day. And not everyone wants to get married in a church.

Marriages are about the people that are getting married, the bride and the groom. That means that they get to do whatever it is they want for their big day. Even if it means using some of the more casual wedding plans listed below.


Wear Some Comfortable Shoes

When it comes to a bride’s wedding shoes, most of the time you end up in some heels that squeeze your toes together and leave you with really sore and tired feet by the time you’re done walking down the aisle and then dancing to your first and last dances of the night.

You don’t have to wear dress shoes at your wedding. It’s all up to you, and can depend on what type of wedding you’re having. A beach wedding may call for sandals or even bare feet, while something super casual could be fine with a pair of tennis shoes, on both bride and groom.

Skip The White Dress

You don’t have to wear a white dress, or even a fancy wedding gown for your wedding, if you don’t want to. And the men don’t have to be in suits. Again, what you wear could have something to do with your wedding theme or destination, like a bikini for a beach wedding.

You can do white, off white, multi-colored with white, or no white at all. You can wear something fancy, or just wear jeans and a white t shirt. Do what works for your relationship, and your budget. You might even want to have a themed wedding, where you dress as your favorite superheroes or TV characters.

Where You Get Married

Picking a more affordable wedding venue is also a great way to have a cheaper and more casual wedding. You could have that beach wedding, or you could go the cheapest of all and just get married by the Justice of the Peace. It really depends on how much you want to spend and how much planning you want to do.

If you have a friend willing to get online and spend about $40, they could get ordained and marry you for fun (depending on the laws in your state). This could save you money on hiring someone you don’t know. You could still do the church wedding, if you want something indoors. But, instead of renting a hall or something, consider an outdoor wedding in your own yard or the yard of a friend or family member.

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