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How To Throw A Midwinter Luau

Does it feel like you and your friends are having the same old tired party, time and time again?  If so, consider switching things up.  By choosing a theme for your next get-together, you can change the focus of the event and drastically alter the mood of everyone in attendance.  During the winter, instead of hot chocolate and decorating with snowmen again this year, take the focus away from the cold weather and use a theme like a Hawaiian luau.  The juxtaposition of tropical island imagery against the snow outside is great for loosening people up.  It can be an exciting way to beat the winter blues, but throwing a good theme party several steps in planning.

Getting the Word Out

The key to success with a theme is getting guests excited before the party even starts.  Make sure your invitation lets everyone know your theme with pictures of palm trees, a tropical sunset, or island flowers.  Also include on the invitation a suggestion to wear Hawaiian print shirts, grass skirts, or t-shirts that fit the luau theme.  If you’ll be handing out invitations in person, add some excitement by handing your guest a lei with their invitation.

A Taste of Hawaii

Traditional Hawaiian meals often include a roasted pig.  If you’re having a large enough party with enough guests to eat an entire pig, check with your local butcher for options on purchasing one.  A pig roast also requires a fire pit, so check with your town office if this is allowed, and if you need a permit for one.  If a pig roast won’t work out because of restrictions or the winter weather, ham with pineapple roasted in the oven will do the trick, or even options like Hawaiian pizza will work.  For drinks, any kind of tropical punch or drinks with coconut or pineapple juice will go well, and for extra pizzazz, try serving them in coconut shells or adding paper umbrellas.

Midwinter Luau

Midwinter Luau

A Place for Everyone

A midwinter party in many locations rules out a backyard venue.  If you’re planning on a lot of guests, make sure you have enough space indoors, and plan ahead with table bases and tops that are big enough, and plenty of seating.  Consider renting a hall, which will usually have lower rental rates at this time of the year, since it’s not prime season for weddings, proms, or other events that will generally use these spaces.

Decorate the Space

Once you’ve chosen your venue and have enough seating and places for the delicious Hawaiian-themed food, jazz up the space with decorations for your theme.  For serving drinks, a tiki bar would be great if you can find or build one.  Tropical plants might not fare well in cold weather, but silk versions can be purchased year-round at craft stores.  Anything with pink flamingos, palm trees, surf boards, seashells, and fish are all great for decorations.  Anything tropical will work with your theme, so have fun with it!

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