17 Oct

Themed Weddings – The Pros and Cons

Themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular with couples looking to make their special day even more special. Introducing a theme into a wedding celebration is a great way of ensuring that your wedding day is memorable and your guests have a fantastic time. So if the idea of a themed wedding floats your boat, are there any pros and cons you should think about?

It’s Fun!

A themed wedding is always a lot more fun for both guests and participants. Anyone can organise a traditional church wedding, but not everyone can pull off a ‘Frozen’ themed wedding with panache. If you are the type of person who wants family and friends to be talking about your wedding for months and years to come, a themed wedding is definitely the way to go.

Make it Personal

Weddings are about you and your fiancé making a lifelong commitment to each other. Having a theme will make the celebration a bit more personal. The best wedding themes are personal to you, so people can come to the wedding and know straight away whose wedding it is. Say for example you spend your time re-enacting historic battles – planning a wedding with a suitably historic theme and asking guests to dress appropriately would be perfect.

Get Everyone Involved

Wedding planning is very taxing on all concerned, so it makes sense to enlist the services of everyone you can. By introducing a theme to the wedding celebration, you have an even better reason to ask for help from family and friends, which should make your life easier. Once you have picked a theme, start making lists and appoint people to help with specific things. This will help to reduce your work load and you are more likely to enjoy your big day when it finally arrives.


A themed wedding may not always be appropriate. Religious wedding ceremonies are usually very restrictive. Trying to persuade your strict Orthodox Jew parents that a beach wedding in Fiji with casual wedding dresses is going to be perfect day for you and your fiancé is unlikely to be a lot of fun, so don’t go there.


Introducing a theme into the day could end up costing you more money. For example, if you decide to have a Disney theme wedding and your imagination conjures up a Cinderella style wedding dress with horse drawn carriage and footmen on standby, then your wedding day is likely to be rather expensive. Alternatively, if you go for a vintage theme and look for vintage wedding dresses online, it is possible to keep costs low.

If you are free to organise your wedding day however you wish, now is a great time to think of a novel theme and get the ball rolling. Talk to everyone closely involved in the wedding planning (including your fiancé) and get their approval if the theme is likely to involve a lot of extra work to pull off successfully. And finally, if your theme is very complicated, make sure your wedding budget can accommodate the extra expense.

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