05 Aug

The Wedding Gift: Contributing to a Honeymoon Fund or a Personalized Gift

Summer is here and that means wedding season is upon us. One of the things that people may not enjoy about weddings is picking a gift for the wedding. There is a lot of thought that should go into a gift. You must decide how much money to spend and what to get. For many people, the decision comes down to whether they should contribute toward the honeymoon or purchase a personalized gift. There are many benefits to contributing toward the honeymoon fund over a personalized gift. Here are those benefits.

It Will Be Something the Couple Will Use and Enjoy

The biggest benefit to contributing to a honeymoon fund is that you know it will be something that the couple will use and enjoy. If you are buying a personalized gift, you do not know if the couple will even use it. Many people get duplicate gifts or do not use personalized gifts because they are not their style. And unfortunately, it can’t even be returned or given to someone else due to the personalization. The money contributed to a honeymoon fund will be used for nights out, dinners out and excursions during their honeymoon.

You Don’t Have to Think About the Gift

Another benefit to contributing to a honeymoon fund is that you don’t have to think about the gift. You contribute the amount of money and that is that. The couple then has to decide what to do with it. They decide where they want to go. They can ask themselves 2. Is Puerto Vallarta Safe? Is the Dominican Safe? Will I like Hawaii? Should I drive on vacation? What if I get a ticket and have to take a 1. defensive driving course? Which excursions should I do? None of that is your concern. You hand over the money and go on with your life while they make all the decisions about their honeymoon, taking the pressure off yourself to pick the perfect gift.

The Gift Won’t Be Worthless if the Couple Divorces

Let’s be honest here. Just under 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. And what do those couples do with all the personalized gifts they got from the wedding? They throw them away. No one wants to keep a gift that has both their name and their ex-spouses name or initials on it. When you contribute toward a honeymoon fund, the couple gets something out of the gift. A personalized gift may be useless if the marriage ends.

It Helps the Couple Start Their Marriage Off on the Right Foot

The last benefit to contributing toward a honeymoon fund is that you are helping the couple start their marriage off on the right foot. Weddings and wedding planning can be stressful and nerve wracking. The couple needs time to relax after the wedding and start their marriage off in a positive atmosphere and space. Helping them do this with money for their honeymoon can be beneficial.

Shopping for a wedding gift can be stressful. You want to give the couple something useful. If you are looking for the perfect gift, consider contributing to their honeymoon fund, rather than buying a personalized gift that may not ever get used. The money you contribute may be enough to help them afford an excursion, a romantic dinner or buy fun souvenirs they select themselves. All of this will get them making memories that will hopefully last them their entire lives.

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