18 Mar

The Reasons You Should Rent a Formal Luxury Portable Restroom for Your Wedding Day

Hello, excuse me, but is there a bathroom somewhere around here?” This is one of the last statements you would expect to hear while greeting guests who are supposed to be there to congratulate you on your nuptials. It does take a lot of focus on details when planning a wedding, and unfortunately, some details do slip through the cracks.chairs-1666070_960_720

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Outdoor weddings are always great, especially when they occur during the warmer months of the year. However, an outdoor wedding can cause complications and anxiety among the guests and the wedding party if luxury portable bathrooms are not nearby. Fortunately, there is a very easy solution to this issue, but one that most do not often consider. Rent a formal portable restroom.

There are several very logical reasons why you should rent one for your big day.


Have you ever wished that you could one day say your vows at that pristine lake you used to visit with your parents every summer when you were a child? What about that gazebo area in that nearby park that does not see too many visitors? Well, probably the only thing that is preventing you from making your dream spot your reality is the portability of certain facilities, most noticeably, restrooms. When you rent a luxury portable restroom trailer, your outdoor wedding destination is only limited by your imagination.


Wedding planning can become a major headache, especially if you are directly involved in the organizing and planning. Your guests will notice if you, your soon-to-be-spouse and your parents are looking a little tired and run down. Matters can only get worse if there is not a restroom in sight.

Make the day easier for you, your spouse, your wedding party and your guests by renting a portable restroom. It can be parked away from the main activity area, but within a finger point view away if anyone needs directions.


Did you know the best way to find out the truth behind an expensive restaurant’s façade? Take a trip to the restroom. If the restaurant is all talk without any substance, chances are, the restroom will be dirty. If the owner and employees take pride in the food and service, the restroom will be clean.

The same theory applies to outdoor weddings. Show your guests you care by providing clean, luxury, portable restroom facilities. These facilities are available in different sizes and amenities for different events. In construction settings, they are often referred to as porta potties, but luxury portable restrooms are in a class of their own. Many feature spacious rooms, music and linoleum flooring.

Avoid an Embarrassing Situation

You will not have to worry about whether the restroom facilities at a venue will be clean for your guests. The management company’s staff will ensure the portable restroom trailer is ready for use. If anyone has an accident or gets sick, the clean-up will be handled by the staff.

This is the best option to ensure your wedding day is special. Go against the grain and do what is necessary to make this the most wonderful day of your life.

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