31 Mar

The Comb Issue: Types and Tips

If you wish to become a hair style expert or you just wish to know how to style your hair without the services of a styling professional, then one of the things you should be familiar about is the different types of comb. Of course, styling your hair will require some tools and gadgets to work with. With that in mind, here are some of the most basic types of comb you should look into:


* Wide Tooth Comb. This type of combs come in different materials—wooden, plastic or metal. Regardless of the type of material used for your comb, the wide tooth comb is perfect to be used while your hair is wet. Its main purpose is to successfully untangle the hair strands while eliminating the possibility of breaking and damaging your hair. The wide spaces between the teeth of the comb are designed to smooth out wet hair. This is because it is much harder to smoothen out the hair while its wet as compared to when it is dry. This will help you avoid the unnecessary split ends that are produced when you force to untangle your hair in a wrong manner. One great tip to heed when brushing a  wet air is that you should avoid making use of fine tooth comb because it will just promote breakage and permanent hair damage.

* Styling combs. These are the ones used by hair care professionals in styling the hair styles that we usually see in models, actresses and the likes. The best thing about this type of comb is the fact that they come in a wide array of sizes, diameter, width as well as form. Different styling comb are made suitable for different types of hair. If you are not sure which styling comb will suit your hair the best, it is highly recommended that you buy the whole set of styling comb. When you use this comb, you can easily straighten your hair while you apply the hair style of your choice. With the use of this comb, you can straighten, curl or flip your hair in or out.

* Teasing comb. Have you seen the hairdo’s of the 80’s? If yes, then you might be aware about what a teasing comb is for. Have you seen the glamorous bun that Audrey Hepburn sported on one of her movies? If yes, then you have probably wondered how her hair have gotten that high. Well, the answer to that is simple– teasing comb! If you are bothered with the limpness of your hair and you wish to add some volume to it, the great way to do so is to make use of teasing comb. Many people have tried adding volume and teasing their hair with the use of a simple comb and they ended up with  a big mess of hair. If you want a professional tease, this is the comb to go to.

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