06 Feb

Can Successful Relationships Come From Online Dating?

It is often thought that meeting people online can be so much easier than trying to go out and meet someone. The safety implication of meeting someone online is often discussed but what makes meeting someone in a crowded night club so much safer? Just because you are introduced to the person face to face it does not make meeting a total stranger any safer. It is just as easy for someone to lie about their identity face to face as it is over the internet.

You should never assume that online dating won’t work for you as it has been proven to be very successful for a lot of people. Here are some tips for a successful online relationship:


Just as you would when you are meeting someone for the first time face to face, you should use your common sense. It is advised that you should never reveal your personal information to a complete stranger and this rule stays the same on the internet as well.

If you are creating an online profile, you should create it so that it has a different name to yours, this will protect your identity against anyone disreputable you speak to on there.

You should also keep other information private such as, telephone numbers, home address, where you work, where you hang around etc.

Stay Steady

You should never rush ahead of yourself with online dating as it can be quite easy to do. If you have been speaking to someone online for quite a while, it is normal to feel extremely close to them, but don’t be fooled as this can sometimes be a ploy.

To stay safe, you should stay slow and steady. You should never give out any personal information until you trust the person (and this shouldn’t be for a while yet). You should never say or do anything that is out of your character as you can end up putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Meeting For the First Time

If you are planning on meeting your online date in real life, it is important that you stay safe. The first piece of advice that is given is that you should meet in a public place that you know well, this will be handy if you do get yourself in a bad situation.

You should also warn a family member or a friend that you are meeting someone off the internet; you should tell them all the details of where you are meeting, what times and what you are planning on doing. It is advised that you should request for this family member or friend should phone you on a regular basis to check that you are ok or even create an escape route for you if the date is not going too well. You should also create a safe word; you should only use this if you are put in a dangerous situation.

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