24 Jul

Men – Why You Should Wear a Wedding Ring (When You Are Married)

While it is now pretty much the norm for men to wear wedding rings when they are married, it is still not as much the standard as it is for women. If a woman chooses not to wear a ring, this is somewhat unusual, whereas for men the decision to go without one is not really questioned, with people tending to assume men are more likely to have the kind of jobs that make wearing a ring unsafe or impractical (though this is a somewhat dated idea!).

If you’re a man wondering whether or not you should start wearing a wedding band once you say ‘I do’, this is of course a choice you are free to make, but it is worth taking into account some of the reasons why wearing a ring can be a good idea.

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Here are just three of the reasons to consider wearing a wedding band if you are currently on the fence about the issue:

There Are Some Cool Men’s Designs That Won’t Make You Feel Too ‘Bling’

One of the main reasons some men resist wearing a wedding ring is that they are the kind of person who doesn’t really wear jewelry, and are concerned it won’t go with their image or may be uncomfortable to get used to wearing a ring all of the time. This is understandable when you think of the classic gold or platinum wedding band or a ring that has engraving or stones, but there are now loads of modern designs aimed at men who prefer something more rugged. You can get great looking, light, comfortable and durable rings made of things like tungsten and titanium, so you don’t need to ‘sparkle’ if you don’t want to!

Some People Judge Married Men Who Don’t Wear Rings Negatively

While there are loads of valid reasons why men choose not to wear wedding rings, or not to wear them all of the time, there is still a sense that a married man without a ring is in some way ‘shady‘. Even if you know the reason you are considering not wearing a ring has nothing to do with wanting to appear single to other women, and even if your wife understands completely and trusts you, some people may develop a negative opinion based on such a small thing. It may not be fair, but it does happen, so look at your reasons for not wearing a ring, and unless they are really compelling, consider wearing one at least in public (you can always remove it for work or sport).

It May Actually Help Your Professional Reputation

Being a responsible, married man shows a level of maturity and commitment, and this is something people tend to respond to well from professionals. Wearing a ring is an easy way to put across this impression without having to go to lengths to shoehorn the fact you have a wife or are a ‘family man’ into conversation! At interviews or pitches, the subtle implications of the ring can help you seem like a responsible adult (even if you don’t feel like one!).

So, wearing a ring doesn’t mean choosing something that you’re going to hate, and can also help make a good impression in all kinds of settings!

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