18 Oct

How To Your Bridal Party How Much You Appreciate Them

Weddings are a celebrated occasion. One man and one woman so deeply in love they decide to become one in a traditionally beautiful ceremony. Then, there is the stress of planning for that day. The flowers, the cake, suits, bridesmaid dresses, boutonnieres and bouquets. Between the time and the money spent, it can turn into a really stressful moment in life.


Understandably, this day is supposed to be all about the bride. However, just because there’s a wedding involved, there is no reason to let our manners fly out the window. There are several people that all come together, in the end, to make sure that the day is special and memorable.


Here are a few ways you can show them your appreciation.


A Small Gift


Your wedding party will put in their share of work in your precious day and is usually made up of the friends and family closest to you. You love these people and they love you so much they are taking their own time and, sometimes their own money, and donating it to make sure that you have the best celebration of love possible.


Why not spend a little to make sure they know they are appreciated? For your ladies, a good idea might be some lacy lingerie to share with their own spouses. For the gentlemen, how about personalized cufflinks? These might seem like small gestures, but your wedding party will appreciate that you thought of them and are grateful for the effort they put it.


The Wedding Breakfast


The day before the wedding is when most people have their worst case of the wedding jitters. By this time, everything is usually in place, with the exception of the last minute flight of the bumblebee stuff. It’s a good time to stop and show your bridal party how much you appreciate all their dedication.


Have breakfast with them and spend the extra to have it catered. After all, you need the break just as badly. Take the time to sit down and share stories of years past, talk and hang out one last time as the unmarried couple you still are, for now. This is a time to allow yourself and everyone involved to relax. (Hilariously referred to as the calm before the storm.)


A Toast At The Reception


After everything’s said and done, there is the reception. It’s kind-of like the winner’s circle. You’ve spent months planning, investing money, sweat and tears, and finally come out on top. You won the hand of your love for eternity. Don’t forget the people who helped you get there. Before any toasts are made to you and your love, make sure to you both take the opportunity to tell them how thankful you are and have been throughout the whole process. A simple thank you goes a long way.


A wedding is a tremendous outpouring of love and your family and friends are happy to be a part of it. Show them how thankful you are that they were and they are bound to be there for you in the future, as well.

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