24 Mar

How to Organize a Wedding Party the Right Way

Organizing a big event like a wedding is never an easy task. It can take a lot of effort especially if you are new to it. The key to a successful wedding party is an organized advanced planning.

Depending on your preparatory timeline, planning for a wedding party will have to focus on the important details. Be mindful of your wedding planning checklist and your wedding program.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning begins when all the final decision on all key elements like the date, venue, budget and the number of the guest have already been laid out.

  • Date

The date is the very first thing that needs you need to set. It will be the ground of all the other aspect of the party. Consider the season in which you plan the date to be. Keep in mind that the availability of many sites will depend on the season. In June, wedding sites are most probably expensive.

  • Location

Prioritizing the booking of the venue is important to avoid complications with other scheduled events. To get your desired venue, advanced scouting and booking are necessary because many of the good sites get booked one to two years in advance. For your wedding venues Toronto needs, online booking is a breeze.

  • Budget

In a wedding celebration, your budget will oftentimes be the basis of the theme of your party. You can go for a simple boohoo-themed wedding if you’re tight on budget. While more elegant designs are for those who want an extravagant day.

Choose your reception which is best suited to your budget. The food menu, attire, and other details depend on your budget too.

  • Number of guests

You should give the invitations to friends and families months ahead so that you will have your final guest list ready in advance. In preparation for your reception, the number of guests determines the appropriate reception style.

Wedding Program

The next thing to prepare for the big day is the program of the party. You should think of a smoothly designed arrangement for the program. Calculate each activity’s time in order for the flow of the program to progress properly from start to finish.

Visualize your big day and deliberate what you want to happen after the sacred ceremony. The flow of the party depends on the culture and preference of the people involved. You can add anything to it. However, it usually includes:

  1. Introduction of the wedding party (bride, groom, parents and other VIPs)
  2. Speech of important people for the groom and bride
  3. Eating
  4. Cutting of the cake
  5. Picture taking with the family and other guests
  6. Best man’s toast
  7. Bride and groom’s first dance
  8. Bouquet throw and garter toss
  9. Games and Presentations
  10. Message of gratitude from the bride and groom

Final Thoughts

To organize a perfect wedding party, make sure that you check all these necessary things during the preparation stage. By covering all the basic aspects of the wedding party, you will be sure that you will not get any unwelcome surprise on the big day.

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