03 Nov

Get Married Like Royalty

Is your wedding on the cards? Are you looking forward to imitate a royal wedding? Your dream wedding can be true, if you follow the following steps.

If you just got proposed, then it is the right time for the two of you to choose a date, depending on how you want your wedding to be. If your groom and you agree to spend equally on the wedding then your dream wedding is not far away. If both of you don’t have enough money to get that perfect royalty wedding then there are online portals that offers joint personal loans online. This way you can apply for a higher amount as loan. However, keep in mind that both of you will be liable for the debt you are in.

A wedding is a special occasion and it is not a recurring event like birthdays and anniversaries, so it should be treated as special. Go the extra miles to achieve your dream wedding goals and you won’t regret. The steps to follow are –

Wedding Date –

Choose a date for your wedding as soon as possible. Sit down with your family and your fiancé’s family, and select a good date.

Sketch it out – Make a list of everything you want in your dream wedding, try to sketch it out roughly to get an idea, you don’t have to be an artist for this. Just doodle it out.

Location –

Find the perfect location for your wedding. The locations depends on your taste, so shortlist some good locations and then check the location’s availability on your wedding day. Select the best from the lot and make your booking right away.

Invite –

Get some good templates of invitation cards and select the one that goes with the theme of your wedding. Select one that speaks of you. Get the addresses of those whom you wish to invite. Don’t forget to write down the dress code for the occasion, if you have any.

Guests –

If you are looking forward to getting married like royalty then, go ahead and invite a huge number of guests; but don’t go overboard.

Dress –

The dress is one of the most crucial aspects of any wedding, try to find your dream dress that fits you like a glove. A sweetheart neck and a long train, speaks royalty. Find one that fits your body, if it doesn’t fit get it altered and ready before your wedding

Cake –

Go cake tasting with your fiancé and find the best one together. If you already have a design in your mind then sketch it out and explain it to the baker.

Décor –

Find a good decorator who understands your needs and works efficiently. If you have attended a wedding before and you liked the décor, then get in touch with the decorator. However, if you are looking for a wedding decorator in the directory then ask them to show their portfolio, Select the one that suits your taste and then hire your wedding decorator.

Organize –

Begin organizing as soon as possible. Find your bridesmaids and the flower girl and let them know beforehand.

Bridesmaid –

Select the dresses and accessories of your bridesmaid.

Pre-wedding photo shoots

Hire a good photographer for your pre-wedding photo shoot; this will act as a memorable moment in the future. Let the photographer capture the love you have for one another.

Book your vehicle

Book your mode of transport as early as possible keeping your wedding date in mind. A sedan decorated with some flowers will be ideal for the wedding.

No matter what your dream is all about, these are the few basics you should tackle as soon as you know that you are getting married.

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