16 Jan

How We Could Find The Right Person For You

Online Romance

The new trend of online dating is a great way of meeting new people and making new acquaintances, but how much can we actually know about the person we’re talking to at the other end? Though you could be talking to the real love of your life, anyone can join online sites and forums and no matter how much care we take, we cannot be sure. If you’ve met someone you’d like to know more about before proceeding with the relationship, we could tell you all the little things that you need to know.

Old Flame

If there’s someone from your past that you have fond memories of but no way of contacting, we could help provide you with the information you need to rekindle the romance you lost.  Whether a holiday romance or the one that got away, we recognise how important the past can be to you and how fulfilling it can be to be reunited with it and are able to employ our different methods of investigation to help you have the reunion you’re looking for. We can also help you by providing information on the individual you want to find before you commit to contacting them. People change but we can give you the chance to decide if they’ve changed for the better.


Infidelity is an awful thing to have to come to terms with and often suspicions alone are enough to end a relationship. If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful or want to know who they have been unfaithful with, we could provide you with the answers you need. With methods such as surveillence, lie detector testing and GPS or vehicle tracking available to us, our operatives are able to carry out the service you require to find out the truth about your relationship and your partner and their actions.

Missing Persons

Unfortunately it’s all too easy to lose contact with people, even those we love, and once contact is lost it is hard to redeem again. For whatever reason it is that you have a missing friend or relative we may have the means to find them again. If you need help in contacting someone you’ve lost or have lost contact with then our team of experienced operatives could provide you with the information you need to continue a lost relationship.


Deciding that someone is the right person for your company or for you to work with is a big decision that should be undertaken with consideration and care with a variety of factors considered. Sometimes an application does not reveal all the information we need to know but this is when our services could prove most useful. Particularly if you are looking to employ someone in your home, you need to know that they have a trustworthy character suitable for the position they will be put in, and we can make sure that an individual is who they say they are.

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