09 Feb

Easy And Romantic Picnic Locations

Going on a picnic is a romantic staple. It’s a classic and you can do it way easier than you might think. First though you need to shake off those preconceptions about flash wicker baskets, champagne on ice and a full set of bone china plates with hallmarked cutlery. All that is well and good, but for the more indie and less moneyed it’s not exactly accessible, besides it’s all a little contrived too.

These location suggestions are about you being outdoors with someone you care about a letting time pass while snacking and drinking. The only two items you’re really going to need are a rucksack to carry the munchies and a hip flask for the beverages. Ready?

A Park

Obvious and easy, but then maybe that’s why you’ve not done it before. It’s so simple that hanging out in the park is often overlooked. The next summer day that’s a bit of a scorcher and you and your loved one are at a loose end head to the park. Pack some sandwiches and have a quiet afternoon in the sun together. Read, lounge, listen to music and enjoy one another’s company. Sounds good right?

A Meadow

Meadows are romantic and once you’re outside the city limits they are all over the place and ready for you to laze about in. Admittedly try and avoid those that look like they might be private, but there are plenty beside public footpaths that are going to be perfect. Nestle down in that long grass and pretend that you’re the only people in the world.

A Car

At the beginning of this article there was mention of only needing a rucksack and a hip flask. That was a tiny fib. For this one you will need… a car! Having a picnic in a car is all very American, but that’s no bad thing. You just need to drive out and find a quiet spot to park up. Obviously avoid dual carriageway truck stops and think more country laybys. Unpack, lay back on the bonnet/hood and watch the stars until dawn. Beautiful.


Now this is for those that fear leaving the city. Throughout our nations fine urban centres there are numerous sets of steps. Obviously we’re not talking about the narrow steps that actual function as thoroughfares, which would be socially irresponsible. We’re talking about the grand sets of steps in metropolises like London. Those you’ll find in Trafalgar Square or those that descend from the Duke Of York Memorial to The Mall. These wide spaces offer plenty of room for a bit of sitting while watching the rest of the world pass by in a hectic fervour.

In The Grounds

The English countryside is littered with posh stately homes, castles and follies all of which are open to the public. They more often than not are situated in beautiful surroundings that offer vast amounts of natural wonder. What better place to eat, drink and pass the time with your partner? Find one and enjoy it.

They say the best things in life are free and that is true of nearly all our romantically easy picnic spots (you might have to stump up a donation to enter the grounds of stately homes), so what’s stopping you? Aside from the English weather? Wait till a break in the cloud and go enjoy the world outside your door and the company of the person you love!

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