28 Mar

Dealing With Pimples On Your Wedding Day

The biggest fear for a bride—or groom, for that matter—is getting ditched at the altar, right? Wrong. Most people don’t think of that. But what they do fret about is getting a big, red flaming pimple on the big day.


No one wants to deal with having this giant monster pop up on your face somewhere on the most photographed day of your entire life. If you are susceptible to stress or hormonal acne, then you are going to want to take precautions to prevent zits from ruining your otherwise flawless face.

If you’re prone to pimples, make sure you plan ahead by starting good cleaning and treatment regimen now. Don’t grab over-the-counter products a few days before your wedding and hope for the best. Do research. Realize that everyone has different skin types and varied treatment needs. Don’t get lazy and grab the most popular name-brand product; instead, read up on the pros and cons in Proactive reviews and other critical reports so you know what’s going to work best for you.

Then, consider these scenarios so you’re prepared.

Scenario 1: You Start Getting a Big One a Few Days Before Your Wedding Day

If you start developing a large, cyst like pimple a few days before the wedding you can do something to stop it. How? Call your dermatologist immediately for a cortisone shot. Tell them it’s an emergency, that you are getting married that weekend. They are used to calls like this, so they will probably be able to fit you in for a quick appointment if you are a good patient.

Within 24 hours, the cortisone shot will make that pimple go away for good. It’s the absolute fastest way to get rid of a cystic acne spot in one shot. You can expect to pay good money for this though, and it’s not covered by insurance. Still, it’s worth it to avoid that “third eye” the day of your wedding.  

Scenario 2: You Wake Up on Your Wedding Day With a Surprise Guest

Ah, it’s your wedding day. You wake up, stretch, rise and shine, walk over to the bathroom mirror and gaze at your beautiful face—and a prominent spot that has grown seemingly overnight. An unwelcome guest. The zit to end all zits.

There’s not enough time to see a dermatologist, so you have to do the best you can to conceal the spot for the big day. It can be done.

Call a makeup artist who’s a pro at concealing. Or, if you’re great with cosmetics, pull out the right foundation, concealer and finishing powder and get to work. Unless there is a large whitehead on the top of the pimple, resist the urge to pop it. You’ll just inflame the area, making it a big red mess. It’s much easier to conceal an under the skin red bump then it is to cover an unattractive scab.

Try Not To Stress

While it might seem like the end of the world to have a blemish on your otherwise perfect day, it’s not something to stress over. Know that makeup works wonders, you can always touch up later in the day if you need to with the right tools. Plus, if the dreaded spots make an appearance in your photos, your professional photographer will know how to make them disappear with a bit of airbrushing. Remember, no one ever has to know you had a little bump on the best day of your life.

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