09 Dec

Cryptocurrency Investors Spread the Word with a New Style

The first cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin, was invented in late 2008 by the mysterious user named Satoshi Nakamoto. Here’s the thing, this person developed a new kind of currency; that was a by-product of what Nakamoto actually created – a decentralized peer-to-peer digital cash system. To make this system work, tokens were needed – these tokens are what we call cryptocurrency today.

When people began trading in cryptocurrencies back in 2010, the price of the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin was 0.08 cents. Today, as of December 6, 2017, the price of the Bitcoin has crossed $12,000 per token. Cryptocurrency has evolved into an entire universe of its own with multiple types of cryptocurrency in the market performing different functions.

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Cryptocurrency fever has taken the world by storm as it has moved from being something only geeks and criminals dealt in, to a commodity that everyone wants a piece of – from billionaires and bankers to everyday man.

This fever has impacted not just the financial world. It is slowly pervading the most unlikely industries too. One of these is the fashion industry. Today, there is a huge market for cryptocurrency related wearables, accessories as well as clothing lines. It is becoming a trend to wear t-shirts or other items of clothing that sport taglines and cryptocurrency related images and cater to the minimalist, nomadic lifestyle of the early cryptocurrency pioneers.

Today, people want to advertise their allegiance, or just simply their association with cryptocurrency world. Here are 2 t-shirts that we found on Amazon.com:

Bitcoin t-shirt

This shirt sports a simple t-shirt design and is available in five different muted colors – grass, white, heather grey, lemon and slate. The message is almost like a code – the alphabet and the numbers 1-10. Only the “B” of the alphabet is different; it is the Bitcoin logo.

Reminiscent of the cryptographs that miners need to solve, this t-shirt will only be recognizable to those who know about cryptocurrencies. This is the kind of t-shirt that a Bitcoin enthusiast would happily sport.

Ethereum t-shirt

Unlike Bitcoin, the world’s number two cryptocurrency isn’t as famous as its foundation – the Ethereum blockchain. The cryptocurrency is called Ether, yet most people identify more with the blockchain can end up referring to the entire package as “Ethereum”. The logo looks like two pyramids that are linked base to base. The logo is so mysterious that there are now a lot of conspiracy theories about the hidden meaning of the logo. There is speculation that the two pyramids actually represent the Illuminati, while others feel the logo represents the “Aetherium” crystal that is a part of a popular fantasy game.

The Ethereum shirt displays the Ethereum logo against a diagonally striped background and the word “Ethereum” printed across the front of the t-shirt. This shirt comes in strong dark colors like black, asphalt, brown, dark heather and cranberry. Again, the t-shirt reflects the mysterious air that surrounds the Ethereum in its design as well as color combination.

These t-shirts are also made of premium lightweight fine jersey fabric, making it a pleasure to wear them too.

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