21 Oct

How Celtic Rings Make Great Wedding Bands

Tracing their roots back to almost 2000 BC, Celtic craftsmen have been designing distinctive jewelry. Their pieces have been ornate, symbolic and enchanting, and still retain all of the history of traditional Irish jewelry. The earliest pieces of Celtic jewelry were designed in silver and gold. Celtic rings are even today considered to be symbols of friendship, loyalty and love and are therefore also called “faith rings.” What intrigues people is the symbolism that such jewelry carries along. And what better time to celebrate tradition than at a wedding with ruby & Celtic wedding rings for men and women.

The Jewelry Design


If you are looking for wedding rings for sale, you can find some of the best designs online. From vintage Celtic jewelry to the most modern diamond wedding ring, everything is available inth virtual world and that too at great prices. Make sure you visit a trusted jeweler, like Union Diamond when you check out wedding rings for sale. You will find some unique designs here, such as a cobalt chrome 10mm comfort-fit satin-finished band that features a cross design, exemplifying the faith ring style. At least this wedding ring will come with a lifetime warranty! You can even choose to custom design Celtic wedding bands in Georgia, Atlanta, and make the celebration of togetherness even more special.



Choosing an Appropriate Ring Design


Wedding rings for sale in the Celtic style need to be chosen with care because different designs symbolize different emotions and relationships. Here’s a look at some of the most common designs:

  • The Wave: The intertwining of waves or arcs symbolize a harmonious flow and balance of energy. These are considered sacred symbols. On the other hand, if the waves form closed circles or curves, it stand for life and the force of creation. Waves usually denote water, which in turn is associated with the moon, fertility and creativity.


  • The Lemniscate: Or the horizontal figure 8 is an ancient symbol that means infinity. The shape denotes the joining of tow halves to make a whole. The symmetry, curves and ancient symbolism make this a good choice of Celtic wedding bands in Georgia, Atlanta.


  • The Circle: This is a unifying symbol that represents completion or wholeness. It is also the symbol for the sun, renewal, clarity and awareness. Permanence within change is another meaning that the circle pattern denotes. So, wedding rings for sale with circle patterns could be a good way to express your love and commitment.


  • The Spiral: Coiling spirals give a sense of evolution. This dynamic pattern is a combination of circles and waves, unfolding outwards from the center. Many cultures revere the spiral pattern, given that this is one design that is repeatedly seen in nature. This design is a great way to spell out lifelong commitment through a relationship that evolves and becomes stronger over time.

The timelessness and mystique associated with your choice of wedding band will make your special day even more special. Check out your options for Celtic wedding bands in Georgia, Atlanta before making a final decision.

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