14 Jan

Five Celebrities You Wouldn’t Want to Plan Your Wedding

Whether you are taken in by the world’s continuing obsession with celebrity, or watch television shows such as Celebrity Battle of the Brides and either laugh or cry at what goes on, there is no doubt that these influences are spreading into occasions such as weddings.

Celebrity Wedding Planner is another of the current crop of wedding reality shows. The producers of this show have missed a trick, however, by getting people that the bridge and groom to be are fans of to be the planners. Surely, it would make for much better television if the couple who really disliked a particular celebrity were given those very people to plan their wedding.

As that is unlikely to happen, we instead listed five celebrities who you wouldn’t want to be organising your big day, from your arrival at the church through to the evening ending fireworks display.

The ‘Go Compare’ Man

At least the good people at Go Compare have a sense of humour and have acknowledged how annoying this man is in their most recent round of television advertising. He’s still high on the list of people you wouldn’t want to have anywhere near your wedding though, although on a positive note at least all of your guests would leave with a competitive car or home insurance quote, and perhaps a great deal on a credit card, too.

Jack Whitehall

Is there no limit this man won’t go to in order to raise a laugh? While the Daily Mail-led ‘fury’ over jokes recently made about Barack Obama and The Queen was probably blown way out of proportion, his offbeat personality and behaviours mean you wouldn’t be trusting him with a cake and seating layout in a hurry.

Paris Hilton

One thing you can be sure of with Paris is that the venue will be decent and that you will enjoy things such as fireworks and a great party, but then you might have to endure being her ‘BFF’ for the rest of your life.

Just encourage her to go and make another television show, and you might get away lightly.

Anyone from ‘TOWIE’

Despite The Only Way is Essex being hugely popular in the UK, the ‘stars’ of the show aren’t the sort of people you would want planning your wedding, unless you were looking for everyone to have a fake tan, bleached teeth, and be continuously telling you how ‘reem’ your day has been.


Despite their highly-publicised ups and downs, Rihanna still can’t decide whether or not she wants to be with Chris Brown. This wouldn’t bode well for your wedding day, as she’d probably be changing her mind about certain things even during the ceremony!

This article was written by Fireworks Crazy. Fireworks Crazy is a premium fireworks display and e-commerce site, selling fireworks throughout the year for use at humble weddings as well as over the top, celebrity inspired affairs.

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