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09 Feb

Easy And Romantic Picnic Locations

Going on a picnic is a romantic staple. It's a classic and you can do it way easier than you might think. First though you need to shake off those preconceptions about flash wicker baskets, champagne on ice and a full set of bone china plates with hallmarked cutlery. All that is well and good, but for the more indie and less moneyed it's not exactly accessible, besides it's all a little contrived too. These location suggestions are about you being outdoors with someone you care about a letting time Read more [...]
07 Feb

Tips On Preparing Yourself For Childbirth

Having a baby is arguably the most significant thing that will ever occur in your life and that of your partner and it is understandable that you will feel a range of emotions, particularly as the date of your baby's birth approaches. You will hopefully, by now, feel excited and keen to meet your baby but you may also be feeling anxious, perhaps even a little afraid of what is to come, which is partly, of course, due to fear of the unknown. No one knows what will happen during labor because it is Read more [...]
07 Feb

The Truth About Online Dating Profiles

Online Dating Profile Lies Ever come across online dating profiles that sound too good to be true? That’s because they probably are! If you’re online looking for love then you’d probably think that honesty is the best policy but more often than not the dating profiles you come across have a lot of inaccurate or misleading information. Photos Everyone that’s building the own online dating profile obviously want to come across as charismatic and interesting so exaggerating is within the rules. Read more [...]
06 Feb

Friendship Detoxification: Couples Counselling with a Difference

You’ve been friends with someone for years, but of late you let her calls go to voice mail and you invent stories to avoid going out with her. Some people are fortunate; they don’t know what this is like. But for other people it rings only too true. There might be many reasons you don’t want to see or hear from your friend, but one of the most distressing is because she has simply become too toxic for you to tolerate. Toxic friendships are starting to get the same kind of recognition that Read more [...]
06 Feb

Can Successful Relationships Come From Online Dating?

It is often thought that meeting people online can be so much easier than trying to go out and meet someone. The safety implication of meeting someone online is often discussed but what makes meeting someone in a crowded night club so much safer? Just because you are introduced to the person face to face it does not make meeting a total stranger any safer. It is just as easy for someone to lie about their identity face to face as it is over the internet. You should never assume that online dating Read more [...]
04 Feb

Great Tips For A Brand New Relationship

Valentine’s Day gifts for long term couples are relatively easy, they have been together for a while so they know what each other likes and they are comfortable treating each other to something really nice. They can spend the holiday in mutual appreciation and celebration of their relationship. However, what if Valentine’s Day rolls around and you are in the very early stages of a relationship? When a relationship is brand new around Valentine’s Day, it can be really difficult to know how Read more [...]
04 Feb

Four Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and as always, that means that lots of men are scrambling to think of something truly special to do for their sweethearts. Valentine's Day can be daunting because you want to show her that she matters but you want it to stand out. The main goal is to do something or get her something that no one else has ever thought of. That can be tricky because just about everything creative has been thought of – but it's still possible to concoct something creative, Read more [...]
04 Feb

Emigration Or A Local Move – Don’t Leave Anything Behind

Making the decision to emigrate is one of the biggest decisions in your life, but perhaps it really is now time to pack up and go. It doesn't have to be stressful when you emigrate, but it is likely to be a daunting experience, especially if you are emigrating as a family. You do not just have yourself and your own belongings to pack up; you have all your family's belongings to take as well. The larger the family, the more stuff you will need to send over to your destination. There is a lot to consider Read more [...]
04 Feb

Express Your Love This Valentine’s Day With A Gift Basket

Streamline your Valentine’s Day gift giving by purchasing gift baskets for your loved ones. They are personal, fun and everyone will love them. To get the right basket, you’ll need to do some planning in advance. Make a list of the people that you have to purchase gifts for and make a few notes of the things each person loves, right alongside their names. Early planning will save you from the last minute rush and ensure that you’re not trying to purchase baskets after they’ve all sold out. Read more [...]
03 Feb

The seven worst Christmas presents you could be gifted this year

We’ve all been there - receiving an awful Christmas present yet trying to look absolutely delighted and appreciative in the process. It’s a tricky moment to negotiate but, if you’re savvy enough, it can be fairly straight forward to pull off. ‘Aww thanks, that’s great, just what I’ve been looking for’ you say with gritted teeth. So what terrible gifts for Christmas occasions into this category? Just to give you a timely reminder before the big day (and for anyone who is even considering Read more [...]