09 Jan

The Anniversary Gift for Your Partner That Says I Love You

When it comes to celebrating your anniversary with your partner, there are a lot of ways that you can show your partner just how much you care about them. While anniversary cards from Hallmark may be a great way to surprise your loved one at work, an excellent way to convey your feelings is to surprise them with some antique jewellery. Whether your partner prefers earrings, chains, pendants or watches, it is easy to find a wide selection of antique jewellery for you to choose from that will put a smile on their face.


image by Claudia [flickr]

The Test of Time

For some people, classic timepieces are their preferred choice when it comes to jewellery. A clock or a watch can be an excellent present for your partner, and you may also be able to have the item inscribed with your declaration of love. If the piece is a valuable antique though, adding a personal inscription to it could reduce the value of the item.

There are many collectable 1970’s vintage watches to choose from, such as the Vintage Girard Perregaux alarm watch. If you prefer something that is has a little bit more character, you could decide to go for a 14ct antique enamel pocket from the 1890’s.

You will also find plenty of choice from other makers such as Rolex, Longines, Omega, as well as others. You should be able to find something that is going to be suitable for your partner’s taste.

Put a Ring on their Finger

We all know that a lady loves diamonds, so what better way to show your dedication and love for your partner than buying them an antique diamond ring? You may decide to get a new engagement or wedding ring, or you can also buy a ring for those special occasions to make her sparkle. When it comes to antique rings, you are spoilt for choice with everything that is available on the market.

With so many different styles on offer, it should be easy to find something that is going to get your partner’s heart in a flutter. There are also plenty of different styles of rings that are available, and are also suitable to most budgets. If you decide to put an antique diamond ring on her finger, just watch her face light up when she puts it on for the first time!

Dangle a Diamond from her Neck

If you are looking for something a little more discreet, then you might decide to choose an antique necklace or pendant for your significant other. You can choose from one that is made simply from gold, or you can also choose a piece that includes diamonds or rubies, or any other precious stones that are available. From a simple engraved pendant, right up to a jewel encrusted Art Nouveau design there is plenty of choices available. You will be able to find something that matches both your budget, and also your partners taste quite easily.

Choose some Stylish Earrings

If you want to choose something that you partner can wear on a special occasion, the antique earrings are often a good choice. The right pair of earrings can be the finishing piece to any outfit, and they are available in many different styles. There are plain gold earrings available, as well as earrings that encompass diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, and many other precious and semi-precious stones.

You can choose a style that is suitable for everyday use, or you may decide to go for something that is for special occasions. Whatever your choice is and whatever type of jewellery you decide to buy, your partner is going to know just how special they are to you when they open their gift!

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